Remote ndis based internet sharing device

Remote NDIS (RNDIS) eliminates the require for hardware merchants to compose an NDIS miniport gadget driver for a netoccupational device attached to the USB bus. Remote NDIS accomplishes this by defining a bus-independent message collection and also a summary of just how this message collection opeprices over the USB bus. Since this Remote NDIS interconfront is standardized, one collection of organize vehicle drivers have the right to support any variety of netfunctioning gadgets attached to the USB bus. This significantly reduces the advance burden on device manufacturers, improves the as a whole stcapacity of the device because no brand-new motorists are compelled, and also improves the end-user suffer bereason tbelow are no vehicle drivers to install to support a new USB bus-associated netoccupational gadget. Currently Windows gives support for Remote NDIS over USB.

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The complying with figure reflects the replacement of the device manufacturer"s NDIS miniport via the combicountry of a Remote NDIS miniport driver and a USB deliver driver. The device manufacturer can therefore concentprice on gadget implementation and not have to construct a Windows NDIS tool driver.

* offers an NDIS miniport driver, Rndismp.sys, which implements the Remote NDIS message set and also communicates through generic bus deliver drivers, which in turn connect through the appropriate bus driver. This NDIS miniport driver is applied and also kept by and also is distributed as part of Windows.

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The complying with Remote NDIS message set mirrors the semantics of the NDIS miniport driver interface:

Initializing, resetting, and also halting gadget operation

Transmitting and also receiving netfunctioning data packets

Setting and querying gadget operational parameters

Indicating media attach standing and also security device status likewise provides a USB bus deliver driver that implements a device for transferring the Remote NDIS messperiods across the USB bus. This driver transports standardized Remote NDIS messages between the Remote NDIS miniport driver and also the bus-specific driver, such as USB. The bus-certain chauffeurs are likewise compelled to map any kind of bus-particular needs, such as power management, into standardized Remote NDIS messages. The transfer driver for USB 1.1 and also 2.0 is implemented and preserved by and spread as part of Windows.

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This framework permits a single device driver to be offered for any Remote NDIS gadget for which there is a bus-specific deliver layer. In addition, only one bus carry layer is compelled for all network-related tools on a particular bus.