Realtek only one speaker working

I"m making use of S/PDIF and I only obtain sound from the appropriate speaker plus the subwoofer.

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I"ve checked the balance settings:


Adjusting #1 does nopoint. Adjusting #2 affects the ideal speaker.

I"ve additionally tried:

Switch locations for the speakers to make certain that both worksSwitch the cables

Same thing. Only audio from the right speaker. So I"m fairly particular that it"s not a speaker difficulty yet just how home windows sends the audio (or sound card problem).


Here"s the starray thing: My volume knob which comes with the speakers have a headphone (3,5mm) jack. If I affix my head pones to that jack I obtain stereo in them. Same point if I attach my headphones to the front computer system jack.

Are tright here a windows 8 setting which connumbers the soundcard to send audio as 5.1 or similar?

Upday 2

I"ve bought a new sound card (Asus Xonar D2X). Almany the exact same thing. Now I just obtain sound from the left headphone.

I"ve also bought new speakers (Edifier). Same exact same.. :(

Upday 3

If I affix my head phones to a 3,5mm souncard jack I get stereo.


Update 4

I"ve currently tried via a "regular" cable from the computer to the speakers. I"ve made sure that a 2 speaker mechanism is selected. Still no sound from the left speaker.

I"ve tried two different speaker systems and also 2 various soundcards (the built in realtek card and my new PCIe asus one).

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I"ve additionally had actually the exact same problem in home windows 7 and windows 8.

Hence the only thing left is the mother board, right? But before I accept a response just how can the motherboard affect the sound in such way?

Upday 5

Ubuntu and Fedora gives me the same errors when I try to boot them (burned a live cd for both):

Something like:

GPU Lockup switching to fbcon<...>PFIFO playlist upday failedSo that provides it a little tough to try the sound using linux.

Update 6

I tried the brand-new speakers through my lapheight and got the exact same result. So I tried my old speakers via the lapheight and also both works (appears favor among the speaker cords were loose, I had actually to wiggle it. I blame my boy for that ;)).

The brand-new speakers have actually red/white connector. And I tried to switch them causing the very same speaker just gaining sound. So the computer appears to sfinish stereo all best.

Next test was to switch the speaker cables on from the bass unit. Then the sound shifted to the other speaker. So it appears choose the hardware in the bass or the speaker connector is broke?

So every one of this just seems prefer a circumstantial mess :( First that the old left speaker got played roughly with by my son (causing me buying brand-new speakers which didn"t job-related either). And then a brand-new soundcard. Guess I"ll go and also return the brand-new speakers then.

Thank you all for helping me, and sorry for not trying harder in the initially location.

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Update 7

Heh. I still acquire difficulties. Everypoint have actually currently been switched and also I uncover it tough to think that my third pair of speakers are damaged as well.