Realtek hd audio manager high cpu usage

Certain programs and also applications run in the background all the time and also you more than likely won’t also alert them till among them starts misbehaving and starts to slow down your computer considerably. Background apps usually consume a very tiny amount of resources and also they are not heavy on either the handling power or the memory. However, particular worries deserve to happen wright here any type of application might begin to usage abnormal amounts of RAM or CPU. The easiest means to save track of this is by opening your Task Manager by clicking CTRL + ALT + DEL and also selecting “Task Manager” among the choice or by clicking CTRL + SHIFT + ESC.

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What is RAVBg64.exe?

RAVBg64.exe is a procedure which belongs to the Realtek High Definition Audio codecs or the Realtek Driver. Either means, it is a procedure that runs in the background and it need to not be terminated considering that Realtek HD Audio is a useful tool that helps you control audio on your COMPUTER. However, the procedure should not consume many handling power or memory.

The procedure must be situated in RealtekAudioHDA folder and also it’s usually in Program Files unmuch less you set it otherwise. To check this, open your Task Manager, situate the RAVBg64.exe procedure, right-click it and also pick “Open File Location”. This deal with must open up and tright here is a possibility that the process is a virus if an additional area reflects up. Let’s see exactly how to resolve the concern at hand also.

RAVBg64.exe in Task Manager

Systems 1: Upday the Realtek Audio Driver

If you suffer a continuous high CPU usage by this process, you should initially try to upday the Realtek motorists. Drivers are the main components in connecting via Realtek hardware and also your operating mechanism. If they are somehow outdated or not compatible with the hardware, you will suffer the high CPU intake. Make certain you are logged in as an administrator prior to proceeding.

Press Windows Key and type Device Manager. Then in the search results, click Device Manager.Device Manager in Windows Search BoxNow expand also the Sound, Video & Video Game Controllers section.Locate the Realtek Audio Driver.Restart your COMPUTER and inspect if the difficulty is addressed.

Systems 2: Disable Realtek Audio Manager

Since it’s Realtek’s software application that is resulting in the trouble, you can constantly try to disable it from starting as shortly as Windows turns on. There are two means to do this.

Locate the Realtek Audio Driver (follow measures 1 to 3 of Solution 1).Right-click on Realtek Audio Driver and choose Disable device.

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On the other hand, you can ssuggest proccasion the software program from loading during startup without disabling it.

If you are making use of Windows OS older than Windows 10, form “msconfig” in either the Search bar or the Run dialog box, and also navigate to the “Startup” tab.
Opening System Configuration through RunIf you are using Windows 10, click CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to open up Task Manager and also navigate to the “Startup” tab.Uncheck the Realtek Audio Manager from starting and also your CPU intake should go earlier to normal.Uncheck the Realtek Audio Manager in Startup

Systems 3: Add New Registry Values

This is maybe the cleaswarm solution bereason it allows you to settle the concern without disabling the manager or possibly also leaving your COMPUTER without sound. It appears that the real issue via this background procedure consuming CPU power is the reality that it’s looking the registry searching for a number of secrets that have been deleted. Luckily, you deserve to include those secrets manually.

Warning: Proceed at your very own danger as editing regisattempt needs technical field of expertise and also if done wrong, you might reason non-recoverable damages to your system.

Type “Regedit” in the search bar and then in the search outcomes, right-click the Regisattempt Editor. Then click “Run as Administrator“.Open Regisattempt Editor as AdministratorIn the Regisattempt Editor, navigate to the

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARERight-click on the Software folder and also pick New >> Key.Name the key “SRS Labs”.Now, right-click on the “SRS Labs” and also select New >> Key.Name this crucial “APO”.This is what the final outcome should look likeThe high CPU usage must go down when you follow these procedures very closely. Read the instructions thoaround bereason developing an essential in the wrong location certainly won’t carry out you any excellent.

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Fix: High CPU Usage by RAVBg64.exe

If the concern is through your Computer or a Lapheight you should try using Restoro which deserve to shave the right to the repositories and replace corrupt and also lacking files. This functions in many cases, where the problem is originated because of a mechanism corruption. You deserve to downpack Restoro by clicking the Downfill button listed below.