Realtek hd audio manager disable notifications

I newly started making use of the budget gaming lapheight by Asus, TUF Gaming FX505DY. While it has its share of pros and also cons but there is one point that is prevalent among many home windows computer systems. That annoying popup that appears every time you plug in your headphones to the 3.5mm jack. Asus is no exemption and also in this post, we’ll disable the “headphone jack plugged in” popup. Let’s start.

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Most Windows computers have actually an audio application that manages the sound, tools, and playago. Even though Windows have the right to natively perform that however OEMs include this bloat as a personal touch in the name of quality. Asus has actually a Realtek Audio Console that does this, it routes the audio to headphones as soon as you plug in headphones.

Disable “Headphone Jack Inserted” Popup

Press the Start button and search for Realtek Audio Console in the Start Menu and pick Device Modern Settings from the bottom left of the recently opened up window.

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This would encertain that the consingle doesn’t immediately popup but the audio is still routed to the headphones. However, you’d still obtain consistent notifications that you’ve plugged in your headphones. If you want a completely distraction-totally free experience via no notifications, just disable the notifications permission for the Realtek Consingle.


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Under System Setups, discover Notifications & actions click to disclose its alternatives. Scroll the apps’ list on the appropriate pane and also disable the toggle switch alongside Realtek Audio Console.

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Now, you won’t get any kind of more notifications or popups once you plug in your headphones following time.

Final Words

This was a quick method to disable the annoying popups and notifications that show up eextremely time you plug in a pair of headphones. I don’t mind acquiring a notification but these OEMs have to uncover a means to detect if I’m plugging in a new pair of headphones eextremely time or not and only display a notification as soon as the computer doesn’t acknowledge the headphones. Some Dell laptop computers can already execute that so I recognize that it’s not impossible. What annoying popups execute you gain on Windows, let me recognize in the comments below?