Razer blade pro keyboard not working

Camping in Seattle, my lapheight acquired quite damp in a backfill without my realizing. It was wet for a few days, I noticed and dried it out the finest I can, I opened up it up and also let it air dry for a day. When I booted it up that evening, the key-board and also everything worked fine. The following morning, I went through TSA, the keyboard stopped working once I acquired residence and also tried to boot it up aobtain. I tried to continue drying it out, and also it rather operated aget for a small period, but it"s stopped functioning as soon as even more.

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Also, somewhat related, the CPU fan is locked at 100% all the moment. The lappeak is still usable with the touch display screen and USB ports, but it sorta detasks the objective if I can"t use the keyboard.

I don"t understand if the keyboard on these can be reinserted, yet I"d be incredibly interested if they can be.

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Hi Casey, the key-boards have the right to be reput on these, the just trouble is finding one. I don"t have any kind of for the stealth models. It"s feasible that if any type of vital is not working, it might likewise be board associated, which does sound most likely considering the cpu fan is stuck at 100%-this is led to by board issue. Sounds favor the water gained with the key-board and onto the board. It"s unfortunate yet sounds prefer theres not a lot that can be done in this instance unless you go through through component level motherboard repair and also a possible key-board replacment.

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I would indicate tearing it down and checking to check out how a lot water damage tbelow actually is. Taking pictures to present wbelow many of the water damage was located. If you do not have actually access to an ultrasonic cleaner, you might still probably soak the motherboard in 90% or greater isopropyl alcohol and also clean it via a brush, same goes for the keyboard, however i would certainly remove each essential individually initially to clean under each one through the alcohol and brush, then putting the tricks ago on when dry. You would of course should let the alcohol evapoprice, for quicker evaporation from under components, I normally suggest a very low temperature stove such as listed below 170F or listed below 75C for 10 minutes or so or placing in front of a high powered fan. Then to reassemble and test, yet theres a great possibility tbelow is component damage favor i said, which if is the case, no amount of cleaning will fix.