Random folders in c drive windows 10

Recently, I"ve uncovered a stselection folder on my root C: drive (I"m currently using Windows 10 20H1). The name of the folder and its subfolders (check out images below) are all random numbers, yet their name has actually some similarities: 14-digit number and also begin through 4703. I really don"t understand why these folders show up, however they are taking many spaces (roughly 7.45 GB).

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Parent folder on C drive




I likewise discovered out that they contain many device papers and mechanism apps (Web Explorer, Windows Defender, Windows theme,...). They seem favor a backup of my OS folders but literally, I have never before backup my COMPUTER yet (I just usage System Resave, with the maximum disk space enabled for restore points is 3.5 GB).

Why did these folders created? Is it safe to delete them?

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It seems that Windows 10 "2004", or "20H1", has actually broken many things on some equipments, the capability to begin afresh while keeping your personal files and also programs undamaged being one of them, so probably on your COMPUTER, to proccasion this from happening, the upgrade did produce a backup of your personal papers and programs in case things went south. –user1019780 Jun 15 "20 at 13:55
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