Ralink wireless lan card not exist

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Hallo,After three years of happy use through Windows Vista, points are starting to break down. Most recently, the computer system is unable to accessibility an outside antenna. When I hover over the icon which usually starts it, I am told "Raconnect Wireless LAN Card not exist."As someone who offers the laptop to gain other occupational done, I"m not all that knowledgeable around the electronics. However before, if someone have the right to help me out in reasonably straightforward language (and foroffer any really stupid questions), I"m hoping I deserve to make somepoint excellent happen.RegardsLinnea
Hello and welcome, Click on begin and also on the search bar, form in tool manager, when the home window appears, look under network adapters, carry out you check out any kind of exclamation points? or Red X?
Hello,Thanks for the welcome.:smile:No, tright here are no exclamation points or red Xs in Network Adapters. Tbelow are 2 adapters, Atheros and Realtek.
And - if I sit on this home window, will certainly I watch any kind of posts you might make? Or perform I have to refresh the home window for any kind of articles to be visible?
You will must refresh the page.Can you provide me the complete name for the adapters, thanks.The COMPUTER in question is a Computer, correct? Not a Laptop?
One is an Atheros AR5007 802.11b/g Wifi Adapter.The other is a Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Quick Ethernet NIC.Actually, this is a Compaq Presario C700 laptop.

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And it might look like I`m shedding interest and also going off-line, however the feeble connection I have actually without the external antenna keeps on falling. I am actually keenly interested in having this worry readdressed.



I mounted RadarSync on Monday, hoping it would certainly help me uncover a driver if one was essential. I mounted a bunch of points, but none of them impacted this trouble. So, I`m supposing none of them were from HP straight.

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Those programs are mainly junk . . You should always acquire lappeak drivrs from the manufacturer . . you can get the chauffeurs here:HP Support & Drivers | United States
The just update HP determined was for the ALPS Touchpad Pointing Device Driver. I"m not sure that this is the trouble I"d favor to address ideal currently.I have to say that the link dropped so many times that I"ve come outside, wbelow it"s around 30% more powerful. It"s a tiny chilly, though, so I"m not sure how long I"ll last.
It"s midnight, it"s dark, it"s cold and I"m done for today. Thanks for the pointers, Old Rich and This-IT-Guy; possibly someone deserve to assist me deal with it tomorrow.Cheers
Hi,All right, I have actually gone directly to the HP Support & Drivers page for my laptop, preferred my Operating System (action one) and am currently at Tip Two: Select a downfill. Which one must I choose? I"m not certain what is going on through my lappeak, so I don"t really understand which one to upday.Thanks
Start via the Chipcollection driver, then the wiremuch less Netoccupational adaptor.by the means, a quick reply is the exact same as a "Blog post Reply" just have actually fewer bells and also whistles through the quick reply
Right; I"ve downloaded:Intel Chipcollection Installation Utility for ICH8 for Microsoft Windows VistaAtheros Wiremuch less LAN DriverRealtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC Driver
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