Public desktop icons not showing

We have one user on one computer system that every one of the Public Deskoptimal symbols is absent from her computer system, plus points prefer recycle bin. Her personal symbols are showing as they must, just not the public and also mechanism ones.

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I cannot seem to uncover any kind of one else via the difficulty on Google. Has anyone ever before run into this?


Check whether the prevalent desktop icons are allowed under "Control Panel > Personalization > Change Deskheight Settings". If the symbols are not selected, then examine all the icons to be presented in the desktop.


Hope this helps


I had the exact same difficulty wright here (Deskpeak conmessage menu) → View → Sjust how Icons and also the examine boxes in Deskpeak Icon Setups didn"t seem to matter.

I began to suspect HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsShellBags1Deskoptimal because my staying icons went everywhere the place. I ended up deleting it - after exporting it - and rebeginning the computer system. All of the icons came earlier in their default places.

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I likewise deleted Usersmy usernameAppDatalocalIconCache.db, though I don"t think that it did anypoint bereason I had actually tried it before.



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