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Is your PC/Lapheight mirroring Bad_Module_Info Error in Windows 10 error message while playing games favor PUBG, CS: GO or Fortnite, Apex legends?

Or are you experiencing from game crashing issue with an error message “bad_module_information has stopped working” error message?

If YES then you are at the ideal location, here in this blog you will certainly learn the different tricks to get rid of from Bad_Module_Info Error in Windows 10 error message.

This error message primarily starts appearing simply after installing the Windows 10 Creators Upday (1709). Windows 10 users have been receiving the Bad_Module_Info error while playing Steam games, and also according to them, this issue began after updating to the Fall Creators Upday.

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Once your system gets contaminated via this error message every one of your apps especially games begin crashing either in running mode or when you attempt to run it. While playing the famous games the players are reporting the error message such as bad_module_information apex legends, bad_module_info PUBG, bad_module_information Fortnite, and also others.

Well, it doesn’t issue on which game you are gaining the bad_module_information has actually stopped working error message, right here inspect out the finish fixes to remove the error. 

If you are experiencing from this issue and also desire to eliminate Bad_Module_Info Error in Windows 10 then apply the below-provided methods one by one.

How to Fix Bad_Module_Info Error in Windows 10

Fix 1: Try to Change the Virtual Memory Value

If you are running Windows 10 (v1709) on an SSD then you deserve to easily change the digital memory. This will certainly soptimal the bad_module_information error message from popping up.

1: Press Windows + PauseBreak to open up the System.

2: On the left side, click the State-of-the-art mechanism settings. Navigate to the Advanced tab. Under the Performance, item click the Settings -> Performance Options.



3: Go to the Advanced tab and then click the Change switch.


4: Now, you have to unnote the Automatically control paging file dimension for all drives. Select the Custom size to solve the correct paging file dimension for eexceptionally mechanism drive.


Fix 2: Disable Fulldisplay screen Optimization

1: Find out which app is showing this error and right-click on the .exe or shortreduced of the application -> Choose the Properties.

2: After it, go to the Compatibility tab current under the Settings, and also inspect package behind to the Disable fulldisplay screen optimizations.

3: Press Apply, and also reboot your computer system.

I hope this functions for you to settle the bad_module_details quit functioning or bad_module_info apex legends crash error in Windows 10.

Fix 3: Enable the Compatibility Setting of PUBG on Windows 10

It is found that the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND is not compatible via the latest Windows 10 Fall Creator Update (v1709), so you need to enable the compatibility mode of the PUBG .exe file to fix the bad_module_info crash problem. Follow the below-provided steps:

1: Right-click on the .exe file of your PUBG and also select Properties.

2: Navigate to the Compatibility tab. Tick mark the option Run this regime in compatibility mode that current Under the Compatibility mode. After it, click on the drop-down menu and also select Windows 7.

3: Check for the Override high DPI scaling behavior and also then choose the Application from the drop-down food selection of Scaling perform by.

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4: Now, inspect the Run this regimen as an administrator.

5: At last, click on the Apply and also the OK switch.

After it, try to run PUBG aacquire and inspect for the “bad_module_information has actually quit working” or “bad_module_info PUBG” crash error. If all ok, then you have to roll earlier your mechanism to the previous Windows 10 versions.

Fix 4: Upday your GPU Drivers

1: Go to the Device Manager and also right-click GPU (this will certainly present under Display Adapters).

2: Choose the Update Driver.


After updating your GPU chauffeurs using the above-given procedure, it is argued to likewise inspect your GPU’s manufacturer (NVIDIA or AMD) and after then click over to their webwebsite and downpack the accessible upday from there.

Get Driver Easy to upday and also solve the motorists connected errors automatically.

Fix 5: Update your BIOS

BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is just one of the necessary parts of any kind of windows system. It offers interaction in between computer hardware components and also the operating system.

Hence, when the BIOS get outdated then it can lead to might create the game crash errors such as “bad_module_information has stopped working”.

So, it is argued to upday your BIOS. To do this, initially, you have to discover out the manufacturer of your motherboard and also then visit the product assistance site of your motherboard.

From here you can downfill the latest update for your BIOS. After downloading and install, install it on your system and see if the problem is resolved or not.

Fix 6: Run Video Game Booster

Well, if namong the above-provided fixes works for you to solve the bad_module_details error while playing the game then below it is said to run the Game Booster. This is an advanced tool, that fixes the game crashing, freezing worry. It additionally resolves the low FPS or gaming lagging concern and increases the gameplay so that you enjoy a smooth and also quicker gaming endure.


So, this is all around how to solve the bad_module_information error in Windows 10 while playing the gaming or running the high-graphics apps.

The given solutions are effective and also job-related for many type of customers to settle the errors. Try the given services one by one and check which one works for you.

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Moreover, if the above-provided fixes won’t occupational or you then it is said to run the PC Repair Tool, to fix scan and also deal with the device inner errors. many times because of internal errors like registry corruption, DLL error or mechanism files corruption the individuals start acquiring the errors or issues while playing the game

This repair utility will certainly fix all Windows errors and optimize Windows PC performance.