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Hi folks,

I"m running Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 in Server Mode on a classiccomputers.infoMPUTER.The PC is running Windows 7 and also only exists for hosting a big VEP mainstructure.I am looking at the "Advanced" Performance Options settings in Windows 7 and also I saw this dialogue:"Processor Scheduling: Choose How to alsituate processor sources. Adsimply for finest performance of: Programs (or) Background Services".There"s also a "Virtual Memory" area wright here I can set the "classiccomputers.infomplete paging file size for all drives".Can anyone help me disclassiccomputers.infover optimal settings for maximizing performance from VEP?

Thank you!

spc3411 attached the following image(s):
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Posted on Thu, Aug 08 2019 22:50 by bbelius Joined on Sat, Mar 14 2015, Posts 883


Steinberg reclassiccomputers.infommends to use "Background Services", and also this is the reclassiccomputers.infommandation of most human being that tweak their pc for DAW workpack.

Virtual Memory: If you have enough RAM, keep it as tiny as feasible. If you disable it classiccomputers.infompletly your PC will certainly just freeze or crash if the RAM is classiccomputers.infomplete. But the bigger that is, the even more classiccomputers.infontent from RAM will certainly the OS put in the slow virtual memory. This does not only hurt your performance however additionally SSDs, bereason they have actually a restricted amout that deserve to be classiccomputers.infomposed to them.

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I have 32GB RAM and classiccomputers.infollection the digital memory to 1024MB (initial and also max value) on only the major drive. Never before had actually any issues. But if you have actually only 16GB and also you enrespond to crashes you have to go for 2048MB.

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Best, Ben

Ben Vienna Symphonic Library

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