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You more than likely understand that you can usage one-of-a-kind symbols and personalities from fonts installed on your Windows computer system or tool. Character Map is the ideal tool for finding and choosing those. But what about making your own special characters in Windows instead of making use of symbols produced by others? Yes, you deserve to perform that. In this guide, we will show you how to create and save your distinct signs using Private Character Editor. They have the right to be placed right into any type of record, whenever before you need, as lengthy as you intfinish to use them for your very own usage just. If you are curious to watch exactly how it functions, read this tutorial:

NOTE: You deserve to run Private Character Editor only if you are an administrator.

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Tip 1. Start the Private Character Editor

If you use Windows 10, the easiest means for you to open the Private Character Editor is to use Cortana’s search attribute. Get in the word “private” in her search box from the taskbar, and then click or tap on the Private Character Editor shortcut.


In Windows 7, you have the right to create the word “private” in the Start Menu search box and also then click Private Character Editor.


Additionally, in Windows 7, you deserve to also discover a shortcut for Private Character Editor in the Start Menu. If you prefer this approach, open the Start Menu, go to All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools and then click the Private Character Editor shortcut.


In Windows 8.1, tright here is no Private Character Editor shortcut in the All Apps list on the Start display. However before, you can usage search to uncover it. While on the Start screen, form the word “private” and also then click or tap on the Private Character Editor search result.


In all modern Windows versions – Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 – you can likewise use File/Windows Explorer to launch Private Character Editor. Start by opening the partition wright here the operating system is set up (in the majority of instances it is the “C:” drive). Then, navigate to “C:WindowsSystem32” and look for a file called eudcmodify.exe. Double-click or double-tap on it and also the Private Character Editor opens up.


Keep in mind that, if you want to, you deserve to also produce a shortreduced for the eudcmodify.exe file on your desktop computer or taskbar (in all Windows versions). You could likewise pin the eudcedit.exe file to the Start Menu in Windows 10 or to the Start display screen in Windows 8.1, or even pin it to the taskbar for quicker accessibility.

Finally, another method to open Private Character Editor that works in all Windows versions is to open the Run home window, enter the command eudcmodify and also then press Enter or OK.

Regardless of the operating device that you have actually and also the approach that you usage to launch Private Character Editor, when it opens up you need to check out a window similar to the one in the screenshot listed below.

The Private Character Editor looks and works the exact same in all versions of Windows, so to keep points easy, from currently on we will just usage screenshots taken in Windows 10.

Tip 2. Select the code for your brand-new character

The initially point that you are requested is to pick a hexadecimal code that will be assigned to the brand-new symbol that you are around to create. You have to do this bereason each character in a font has actually a hexadecimal code that is offered to identify it uniquely.

Thus, the brand-new character that you are around to develop have to likewise be identified by a code. If you pick the first box, the code will be E000, if you choose the box from the second column and also the initially row, the code will be E001 and also so on. It is up to you what code you choose for your brand-new character.

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When you open the Private Character Editor for the initially time, the totality grid is empty. However before, after you create a character, you will certainly view it in the equivalent box. For instance, we have previously developed 2 symbols: one through the code E040 and also the other one with E041. Now each box mirrors the connected character.

Once you have preferred the hexadecimal code, you are totally free to create your very own character.

Tip 3. Use the easily accessible devices to draw a brand-new character

Your canvas is a 50×50 grid in which you have the right to attract anypoint you choose, just choose you do in Paint. Private Character Editor offers you ten different tools that you can usage to develop personalities. The devices have the right to all be discovered on the left side of the home window, or by opening the Tools -> Item food selection.

For lines, just choose those in Paint, usage the Straight Line tool. Hold down the left computer mouse switch to the point where you desire the line to start and release it at the line’s end. If you have a touchdisplay screen, you can simply drag your finger on the canvas.

To draw rectangles of any type of kind and also size, usage the Hollow Rectangle or the Filled Rectangle tool. Obviously, the Hollow Rectangle draws empty rectangles, while the Filled Rectangle draws filled rectangles.

The Hollow Ellipse and also the Filled Ellipse are the devices you need when you want to attract circles or any kind of various other rounded shape figures.

The Eraser tool, which you deserve to uncover at the end of the tools list, simply removes 2 x 2 blocks from the drawing, no inquiries asked.

Tip 4. Edit your new character

Sometimes you might likewise have to edit the character. For instance, you might want to relocate a choice from one area to another, or you could want to delete whole components of the character that execute not look as you want them to. For that, use the next tools:

The Rectangle-shaped Selection tool from the left side of the home window enables you to choose a rectangle shaped area. Click or tap in the middle of the schosen location to relocate it or drag its corners and sides to readjust its form.

The Free Form Selection functions similarly to the Rectangle-shaped Selection tool, yet you have the right to choose any kind of form you want to be schosen.

As you would certainly suppose, you can likewise reduced, copy, paste or delete any selection from the character. To do so, open the Edit food selection at the optimal of the home window and select the alternative you desire to use.

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Step 5. Link the character through one or even more fonts

Private Character Editor allows you to connect your character to either all fonts or a certain font. By doing this, the character is included to the selected font(s). To do this, open the Documents food selection and also click or tap on Font Links.