Printer only prints after restart

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Hi. I understand a couple of people who have actually this problem. Both are running WINXP. Their computer system will accept print job. then will certainly not print anypoint. as soon as i tell them to rebegin, it prints after rebegin. attempt printing aget, will certainly not print until after rebegin aget. Both use HP inkjet printers.

This is not exactly a resolve to your difficulty, simply a tiny more convenient. I have a similiar problem through among our occupational computers. What I execute for that computer is unplug the usb from the computer than plug it earlier in. It"s still a pain but not as poor as doing a rebegin.Hope this helps it least a little.

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There is a deal with for this problem on the HP assistance website. I had actually the same problem with my HP psc 2410 photosmart all-in-one. I finished up spfinishing 3 days on the phone through HP. It has to carry out through .NET Framework in XP after the SP2 update. We got mine functioning perfectly, yet it did take some doing. I had actually to do downloads from Microsoft assistance, then HP assistance. All the docs are at HP Support to occupational you via it. The difficulty is that it effects different HP printers in different ways. If you go to HP"s Support and put in your particular model # you will ultimately obtain to the fix. It"s in their expertise base which is enormous. Hope this helps!
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One trick I"v learned from working via stubborn HP print jobs is the following 2 regulates.

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Click start--> click Run.Type net speak spoolerhit enter...wait.Type net start spoolerhit enter.. wait.. Instant fixo. leastern for me.
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