Powerpoint found a problem with content in presentation.pptx 2010

Are you taking care of the problem of “power allude uncovered a trouble through the content” error? This guide covers up all the possible solutions to this concern you facing.


Q: My PowerPoint found a problem through the content?"I am unable to open up my presentation slides bereason the error of "PowerPoint discovered a difficulty with the content" keeps on popping whenever I am willing to existing my slide in any type of presentation, and also this is embarrassing for me, once I am in any institute, it has been a while and also I have no clue how to address this problematic situation."

Tbelow is no surprise that you"re additionally one of those individuals, who is stuck in this problem. This trouble have the right to be discerned in any kind of of the PowerPoint versions and also is typically really annoying. This can be coming to be a hurdle for you to carry on your expert life, considering that this issue deserve to be encountered in all versions of PowerPoint there are sucount multiple ways to resolve them, don"t issue the options are short and simple to follow, in this overview you"ll be provided eexceptionally feasible solution.

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Part 1: What is bring about the "PowerPoint found a trouble with content" issue?

After investigating many kind of situations of numerous human being it is concluded that tright here might be multiple and multilayered causes of the worry, which you are dealing with best now. Many kind of reasons for this irritating trouble you"re encountering best now are elaborated here;

Protected views enabled

If the defended views are enabled there are opportunities that the routine could reject your demand of opening the file that is downloaded from a direct URL or any outlook attachment. Your file will certainly be limited by the protected views so for this dilemma, rotate of the safeguarded views.

Location of the file not existing in the trust list

The area of your file deserve to additionally lead to giving birth to this difficulty, if the hosting folder of the file does not exist in the trust list of the PowerPoint this error may aincrease, in this case, you must include the place to your trust list of the PowerPoint.

The file is blocked

Sometimes when you download your file from any type of webwebsite, the file is blocked by the operating mechanism of your tool because it may witness any type of virus coming up along with the file which may disturb your gadget, so you"ll be witnessing this error in that situation also.

Location of the file in the synchronized folder

You will certainly confront the problem of "PowerPoint found a trouble through the content" if your file is current in a synchronized folder for instance Dropbox, OneDrive, a synchronized folder disables the file to work effectively so if you think your file is in the Dropbox, OneDrive or the folder is overseen by back-up software application, in this scenario you will certainly likewise be head to head through this problem.

Part 2: How to fix PowerPoint uncovered a difficulty via content?

So after we have disputed that what multiple reasons are the outcome of this concern, the the majority of important question arises what to execute in this problematic case of the error "PowerPoint discovered a trouble via content". Different people may discover varied pathways of getting rid of this issue bereason the scenario maybe changes for one an additional, for which there are many kind of methods to follow. So do not concern if you"re a victim of this problem, eextremely method is helpful for some. Here are some of the the majority of frequently offered approaches to attend to this case. Let"s acquire to understand also them in detail.

Method 1: Disabling safeguarded views

As of many culprits, the trust facility is the most visited area to uncover one for respanning from the "PowerPoint uncovered a difficulty via the content issue", safeguarded views have the dignity to put you in this concern, so without reasoning twice initially attempt this approach.

Step 1: open up up your PowerPoint application already open up or current in any various other folder.

Step 2: click the "file" food selection and also then click alternatives.


Step 3: look at your left and push the button of "trust centers".

Tip 4: press the "trust center settings" button on right.

Step 5: In the "trust center settings" window click on the "defended views" and un-examine all the given choices.


Tip 6: Click the switch "OK" and you"re great to go.

Tip 7: Open up your file and view if the problem is addressed.

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Method 2: Adding the area of the file to the trust list

There are chances that your file isn"t where it is supposed to be for smooth running, yet the task for you is to assign it to the trust list. When you downfill the PowerPoint file from any webwebsite online it is normally stored in a less secure folder. If this is your scenario including the area of the file to the trust list approach can come handy to you.

Tip 1: Open up another existing PowerPoint presentation.

Step 2: Click on "file" and go down to "options"

Tip 3: additionally click "trust center" and also then "trust facility setting"


Tip 5: later on click on the alternative of "trusted locations"

Tip 6: Click on "Add brand-new location"

Step 7: Click on "browse" and include the area of the file that is dealing with the issue.

Step 8: once the alters are made, restart your PowerPoint application error freely.

Method 3: Moving the file out from the synchronized folder

If you"ve already tried placing your file place in the trust list and yet you have actually gained a frvery own challenge. Your file may be present in Dropbox or OneDrive folder bereason of which you are forced to follow these measures and also move your file to a continuous directory.

Step 1: Navigate to the location of the folder where the file is conserved.

Step 2: right-click the file and press the alternative of "cut" or ssuggest usage "control x"

Step 3: go to a continual directory, right-click, and "paste" the file in any kind of other folder.

Tip 4: Open up your file and also watch if the worry is solved.

Method 4: Unblocking the file

If you are still encountering this worry, it is noticeable that you have downloaded your file from any type of online source and also your operating mechanism has actually blocked the file. So currently you recognize that your file is blocked, it is time to unblock it by complying with these steps

Tip 1: right-click on the PowerPoint file and also select the option of "properties"

Tip 2: Once you have actually opened up the properties of the file, additionally click on the basic tap.

Tip 3: Click on the "unblock" switch.


Tip 4: Lastly click on "apply" to save the changes.

Tip 5: open up the file and also see if the worry has vanished.

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Method 5: Resort to all-in-one repairing tool: Stellar file repair

Stellar file repair is an astonishing all-purpose tool kit. It is a exceptional tool for taking care of corrupt Microsoft applications. The tool kit is well-known for its multifunction characteristic bereason of which it is additionally called an all-in-one repairing tool. This incredibly effective tool is capable of reresolving the issues of MS word, excel, PowerPoint, and additionally Zip files. The tool kit is flexible enough to work through practically all versions of Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint and you do not need any other file repairing tool for the zip file, Stellar-file repairer is at your business for that too.