Powerpoint display on second monitor

If you have actually multiple display screens and also are making use of PowerPoint, tright here are some good devices and tricks obtainable that you can usage. Some of these include selecting which monitor you desire to current on, how to usage presenter view through the dual monitor function, and yes we display you how to usage a virtual laser pointer! Enjoy our video or check out through the walkthrough below.

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Tip by step walkthrough:

We make most various products that allow you to add multiple screens to your device and also in the course of helping our customers, we get inquiries that are not necessarily regarded our assets themselves, but to sensible and also uscapacity aspects of having multiple displays. And one of the things we’ve helped customers via in the past that I’d prefer to show this particular day are some of the multiple display alternatives within Microsoft’s PowerPoint.

What I have appropriate now is the PowerPoint application opened on my display on the left and also I’ve acquired nothing open on my display screen on the appropriate. I’ve gained among the built in PowerPoint instance presentations open up, and also what I want to perform is click Slide Show where I have the right to see specific settings around how the presentation will run once I start up. What’s amazing here is this area that’s called Monitor. Right currently, the monitor is collection to main monitor.


Now my display screen on the left is my primary monitor. So what that suggests is once I begin the presentation, the presentation runs on my primary display screen. I deserve to go through it choose I would any presentation using the arrow keys and also when I’m done I can push escape to go back to PowerPoint. Well that’s pretty expected and traditional, but there’s various other choices you have actually as soon as you have even more than one screen. If I click the dropdvery own for Monitor, I can pick the second display I have connected to the mechanism so that as soon as I start the presentation, PowerPoint will continue to be open on my one display screen, yet the actual slidedisplay and we’ll begin on the various other.

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Now why would certainly you desire to carry out this? I have a desktop via just 2 screens associated to it, yet this might simply as easily be a lapoptimal with a projector associated to its video output. So while I’m working in my PowerPoint or presenting, I deserve to still check out all of the slides in the screen exterior of the actual presentation.

Okay, that’s pretty helpful. But what else can we do? Let me speak the slide display and also click the option: Use presenter view.

What this does is as soon as I begin the presentation that just shows the output of the presentation on my best display screen, yet it also mirrors a timer, the slides themselves, what my next slide will be, if there’s any notes for the individual slide and also handy devices that will allow you to manipulate information outside of the check out of the audience while functioning.

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Now, aacquire, not the the majority of interesting thing in and of itself, however pretty handy if you’re making use of a laptop and presenting. It enables you to have actually even more control over your presentation and review any type of notes if you have to all at the exact same time.

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