Plugin container for firefox has stopped working fix

A few days back I switched to firefox, and also it's all been good other than eexceptionally hour or so as soon as i'm on a website that uses flash (for the the majority of component, firefox crashes. I've searched around and also what the majority of civilization have actually shelp is to make certain flash is approximately day, and also mine is ( . Any of you recognize exactly how to fix this?


Try through Flash Protected Setting disabled (flash's own sandbox mode).To disable it, go to "%WINDIR%System32MacromedFlash" ("%WINDIR%SysWOW64MacromedFlash" if utilizing 64bit Windows) and open the file "mms.cfg" in Notepad or various other text editor.At the end of that file on a new line addProtectedSetting = 0

This resolved it for me when I had troubles through the plugin container.

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Sorry for the late reply, I fell asleep last night. After around 3 hours of usage firefox craburned aobtain, yet thanks for the suggestion.

I have 2GB of ram and also I'm a tab hoarder. I have actually this issue A LOT with flash. I hate flash. My solution: stop flash. Use HTML5 for YT, use Livestreamer + Potplayer (media player of your option, mainly MCOMPUTER or VLC) for Twitch. Even if you discover a solution to the flash crashes, I recommend Livestreamer, and if you also desire the Twitch chat, you have the right to conveniently collection it up via IRC.

If you require assist with any type of of this let me understand.

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I can simply perform that, none of the various other remedies have actually been working and also i've never before chosen flash in the initially area. Hopecompletely twitch eventually moves on to html 5, but for the time being I'll simply carry out what you shelp.

In your summary you show that "firefox crashes" yet your title and also whatever else seems to suggest to flash crashing.

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Does only flash crash or does it bring down Firefox (and also exactly how carry out you know it's flash if that's the case)?

A home windows dialog pops up saying somepoint alengthy the lines of ""Plugin container for Firefox has quit working"" and also theres an option to close the regimen currently, and firefox itself crashing which brings up a home window to rebegin it

Edit: This only happens on sites that usage flash, and also I think "plugin container" is a flash process


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