Please wait until the current program is finished

When I attempt to uninstall a routine from Windows 7 with the Control Panel (Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsPrograms and also Features, and also not a third-party software like Revo Uninstaller) I view this error message:


Please wait till the existing routine is finiburned uninstalling or being changed

How have the right to I understand which program is being installed or uninstalled?

Looking at the job manager deserve to provide some hints:


but it"s a bit tedious and might not be apparent. Is there a far better way? And without having actually to simply rebegin Windows?

Several human being usage the exact same computer system (utilizing the exact same Windows account). Taskbar doesn"t always display all programs as some being installed or unmounted could not have actually a taskbar item (frequently a background procedure that is on hold for whatever reason).

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Do yourself a favor and also rebegin the computer.

By doing so, windows will certainly tell you which programs are still in usage. After it restarts, try to uninstall the same routine you did prior to, it need to the majority of most likely work-related aobtain.

If you are not the only perchild on the computer, its impossible to know what the other individuals have actually done while you were not there, If there are no programs running proactively, it sounds prefer some type of weird glitch I"ve never before heard of.

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In my certain case it shows up that a background process (tivoli endallude manager or probably a virus scanner auto updating itself or what not) was installing a regime I was "unaware" of in the background. So widespread advice on the interwebs seems to be to kill "msiexec.exe" or "trustedinstaller.exe" or "installmanager.exe" if any type of of those exist in the process list. Java auto updays reportedly perform this. Other advice is to kill explorer.exe. Or maybe disable the mechanism organization that is firing off the background installs. Or reboot if those all fail (though if its a organization doing the installs, the difficulty will certainly simply come ago aobtain, you might need to just wait it out until it finishes first). If every one of those fail then maybe using the Revo Uninstaller will certainly still job-related, but you constantly hope to not need to install 3rd party software application to uninstall others :|

Or of course, you can just wait forever and also then it might well job-related ultimately...