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I have actually a Dell XPS 13 9370 lapoptimal via Windows 10 (through all updates) running Norton Security. I tried to "Shut Down" Windows and also for over 24 hrs the display has been saying, "Please wait for the System Event Notification Service". I tried a lengthy press of the power button, however once I restart I obtain the very same message. I then tried draining the battery and gained the Dell "Battery Critically Low" message, ran the Dell diagnostic test (no difficulties detected), then restarted, however obtained the very same "Wait for SENS" message aobtain. The other alternative from the Dell "Battery Critically Low" display is to enter the BIOS setup, but I have no concept what to do tright here. I can"t discover a solve on Google.I can"t run Tech Support Guy"s SysInfo because I can not access the computer.I would be *very* grateful for assist -- *please!*

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It is not surpclimbing to get the critically low battery message , after draining the battery.I know you were trying your finest, yet that was unmost likely to achieve anythingI have little doubt that part of your trouble is Norton, that is NOT to single out Norton. However before the unquestionable evidence is that many if not all, 3rd party Antivirus programs do not sit well through 10. They are OK at the start and also then invariably produce difficulties, after major security updays to Windows and particularly after version updates.but to return to the worry at hand also, it is frequently led to by shutting dvery own whilst updays are in development. It can however, additionally be brought about by various other 3rd party software.System cleaners, registry cleaner, boosters and also the genre of - make it go much faster programs are frequently to blame.I suggest you begin with a compelled boot to recoveryThat is power onwait for the System event notificationpower offrepeat 3 timesAll being well your system will instantly load Windows 10 options for recoverypower on the pc - power it off (by holding dvery own the power button) while windows is still beginning - repeat 3 times, then windows will identify it as "boot failure" and go to the repair screen" ..This will certainly work if it commences the pack of home windows BEFORE the system occasion notificationYou power OFF on the spinning circle for the beginning of the home windows load.If that DOES NOT work, when you reply I will offer other options