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REACT! program downfill andinstallation guide


Please try to install the routine prior to this coming Sundayand run it to start the Initial Interwatch. Toinstall the program, ssuggest run the executable, react_setup.exe. If youenrespond to problem installing the program, please seethe complying with Installation Guide for tips, or please call us.

Click here to download the REACT!installation file.

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In order to parse GENERAL PRACTITIONERS data, you have to install aXML parser. The adhering to file is a tiny software package from Microsoft.Please downpack the XML parser installation file. Simply run the executable, msxml3sp2Setup.exe. It will installMSXML 3 sp2 on your computer. If you carry out not install MSXML 3 appropriately, you maynot obtain your GENERAL PRACTITIONERS trace effectively. The MSXML 3.0 SP2 release is additionally shippedwith Windows XP and Web Explorer 6.0.?If you have one of these commodities, you may skip this step.

Click below to download the XMLparser installation file.

Installation Guide

1.If you usage Windows 95 and you do not have Web Explorer 4 or 5...

Ifyou use Windows 95 and you never before install Microsoft Web Explorer 4 or 5(you deserve to examine the version of your Internet Explorer by open it and also go toHelp / About Net Explorer), you have to run DCOM95.EXE beforeyou can install REACT!. This regimen will certainly upday some of your Windows systemrecords to make REACT! installation feasible. Click right here todownpack DCOM95.

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Torun DCOM95.EXE, ssuggest double click the file name in Windows Explorer or go to Start/ Run and browse for DCOM95.EXE in the CD-ROM drive. Answer Yes to installDCOM95.

Afteryou end up, you will be asked to restart the computer system. Click Yes.

AfterWindows open up aget, you deserve to proceed through the installation by following action 2.

2.If you use Windows 98 or if you usage Windows 95 yet you set up InternetExplorer 4 or 5 (or if you have actually mounted DCOM95)?o:p>

Directlyrun react_setup.exe (double clickthe file name in Windows Explorer or go to Start / Run and browse for react_setup.exe in the CD-ROM drive).?During the installation, you may encounterone difficulty. If you receive this adhering to message box, it suggests some of yourWindows mechanism documents are older than the a lot of current updates.


Pleaseclick OK here. It will update your Windows device records to the current versionsgave by Microsoft. After you click OK, you will view the following Message box.


Pleaseclick OK to rebegin Windows.

Please note!!! AfterWindows is open up again, the Setup.exe will certainly NOT resume by classiccomputers.infoelf. Please run itaacquire by double clicking the react_setup.exein Windows Explorer or go to Start / Run and browse for react_setup.exe in the CD-ROM drive.


Un-installationof the regimen deserve to be achieved by using the Add / Remove Programsutilities in the Windows Control Panel. But, please execute not un-installthe regimen before we verify that we have actually obtained your information and also offered youthe compensation we promised. By then, we will provide you even more informationconcerning what files you need to remove or store.

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The REACT! routine has been tested on Windows 95 andWindows 98 equipments through no other programs install. So, as long as you haveWin95 or 98 and also you adhered to the REACT! Installation Guide you should be ableto install the regime. However before, other programs install in your computer system maycause conflicts through the installation. I would like to offer the following tipsif you ever enrespond to any type of difficulties installing:

1. Close all various other programs prior to running setup.exein the program CD.?

2. If something referred to as Microsoft Documents Access isproviding your error messages, the ideal and also most basic method to resolve it is toinstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. You have actually all heard about how Microsoftties Windows operating system to Net Explorer. And it IS true, thereis nothing I deserve to perform around it. If you desire the best performance of your Windows,try install Internet Explorer 5. It will certainly put some updated system records in yourCOMPUTER that enhance the performance of Windows.

You deserve to downfill IE5 from

If you carry out not desire to install IE5, you deserve to solve theerror by running DCOM95.EXE (for Win95) or DCOM98.EXE (for Win98) before yourun REACT! setup.exe. I put DCOM95.EXE in the CD yet not DCOM98.EXE. DCOM98 isminimal for re-circulation. You deserve to download it from Microsoft Internet site

3. If you ever received error messages saying thatspecific resource files can not be found in the CD, this is more likely just a falsealarm. Eincredibly single file required for the REACT! regimen is in the CD and also Iexamined it thoapproximately. If you were for this reason required out of the REACT! setup, tryrebegin your computer. When Windows open up aget, close other programs then runsetup.exe again.

4. If you receive messages that give you options suchas actually Abort, Cancel, or Ignore. Choose Ignore.?

The above are potential errors I have actually encountered somuch. If you encountered somepoint that is different, please let me know. I willattempt to solve it instantly. Please feel free to contact me for installationassistance. My cell phone is constantly in standby mode, waiting for your calls.

5. If you areinstalling the regimen from a CD and also your CD-ROM drive is fairly old?o:p>

ThisCD is a CD-R (CD Recordable). Some older CD-ROM drives (such as those 10X or20X) might not read CD-R media appropriately (it may freeze as soon as analysis papers in theCD-R!!!). If you have never before review CD-R media via your CD-ROM drive before,please go to the Windows Control Panel to collection your CD-ROM drive to "Noread-ahead" (you have the right to constantly adjust it ago later). To perform this, follow thesteps:

1.Go to Start / Setups / Control Panel

2.Double click the System symbol in Control Panel

3.Click the "Performance" tab in System Properties

4.Click the > button

5.Click the "CD-ROM" tab

6.Select "No read-ahead" after "Optimize access patternfor:"

7.Click OK and close the System Properties. You will be asked to rebegin yourcomputer system. Click Yes.

Afterthe Windows open up aget, you can insert the REACT! regime CD to your CD-ROMdrive and also continue with the installation by complying with step 1 and 2.