Play multiple audio tracks simultaneously

Hey all,Until a while back there was no factor to run multiple audio tracks at the exact same time in VLC player. I intend who would certainly desire to hear all the various language audio"s on optimal of each other? Though recently there has been a screen-recording software application by a significant GFX card producer that enables to document game video footage, audio and microphone audio in various tracks.This is great, yet playing it back in VLC is a hassle. I suppose you have to switch between the tracks "System sounds" and also "Microphone" to hear the selected one. Preferably you"d hear both the system sounds and also microphone input at the very same time, but as it stands it is impossible to pick multiple tracks to listen to in VLC.It would be great to have the ability to select multiple audio tracks at when. Even if just a setting it would certainly be good to actually usage these records the way they were supposed to (without having actually to pack them right into a video clip modifying software)I understand also if you still check out no factor to carry out this, because for typical media (video"s and also audio) this is not really pertinent.PS: The GFX card producer I am talking about is NVidea and their software program for recording is ShadowPlay. I have actually left this at the bottom so mods deserve to conveniently remove this information from the post if they discover that it is heralding.

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Re: Select multiple audio tracks at once

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It would be excellent concept for including lector - voice over only audio from exterior file.I would certainly choose to extfinish Idea,That it might be additionally in one more mode.I expect playago of one language on front speakers.And second language on rear speakers.And using two pair of phones instead of speakers.I would choose to playing back some mp3 on front, and also various other for rear.That is: I would dream around much better multichannel administration for unhindered stereo source playback for MultiRoom purposes.As I have 4 pair of speakers (My room 2 pair, Kitchen 1 pair, and also bathroom 1 pair.)

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