Pinch to zoom not working

The pinch to zoom alternative in the Mac device preferences sometimes revolve off,and also I was wondering if others were having the very same concern.I haven"t isolated the trouble enough to be certain that BTT is the cause, yet it happens on both my 2017 MacPublication Pro and 2017 iMac running BTT.It began happening around the moment the multi finger gesture to "show desktop" bug was solved, if anyone remembers that.

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Could you post a screenswarm or export of the gestures your have actually configured in BTT (if any)? Does it stop working in all apps?


in your screenswarm you have actually fundamentally disabled pinching for the Magic Trackpad 2 by assigning no action. Is this intentional?


I do not have actually a lot trackpad gestures on.The guideline tap gesture is something that I added around a pair of weeks earlier, and also the pinch to zoom began turning off months earlier.


Smart zoom continues to occupational for me, yet pinch zoom stops working for me eincredibly few days and also has to be reset through device prefs.


Pinch to zoom and also rotate sometimes speak working.

When this happens, the choice is on in the Sys Prefs even though its not functioning.

Switching the choice off and on aacquire fixes it up fine, however the issue comes back once in a while.

I don’t have actually any trackpad gestures acomponent from a height appropriate edge click.

I likewise have this bug.

In order to solve it I need to switching the trackpad geasture off and on aacquire in sys pref or simply start this command also and also wait pmcollection displaysleepnow; sleep 5; caffeinate -u -t 1.

I think that this concern take place even more when I have actually a high CPU activity.

Yes, the exact same happens to me very typically also though I do not in reality have actually pinch gestures configured in BTT.

I"m sensibly sure I recognize what triggers it though - this appears to take place occasionally after window snapping via the trackpad.

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Tbelow is also a deal with which I discover less complicated then enabling / disabling the gesture in settings. I sindicate put the computer to sleep and wake it up again.

Unfortunately it turned out this is a well-known problem with CGEventTaps on macOS (an API BTT and also miscellaneous various other apps must function). Tbelow currently does not seem to be a way to prevent this.

It appears to take place once macOS is busy and also skips an event. I"ll write-up one more bug report to Apple about this.

In basic remove all 2 finger pinch or revolve gestures from BTT, yet that doesn"t seem to settle it completely unfortunately.

Ahh! Thanks Andreas, great to know. At leastern we understand wright here it"s coming from.

I perform have actually 2-Finger revolve actions. I"ll test to view if it"s worth disabling them.

Hi Andreas,

Do you recognize if this worry has been resolved on macOS Catalina?

This supplied to take place on my mechanism only occasionally, however even more newly it has been happening all the time. Pinch to zoom and also 2-finger swipe (e.g. in Mail to delete a message) break. Sleeping for an immediate and also then waking earlier up fixes it, however a tiny while later on it breaks aget. It happens numerous times a day.

I don"t know if the problem is related to BTT or if it"s just a macOS bug, but it"s driving me nuts!

Thanks for any details.

What terminal solution are you talking about? Couldn"t uncover the threview you are mentioning. This bug has been plaguing me for a year or more and also so I"d love for this to be fixed.

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defaults create com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool BTTAutomaticallyRefreshPinches YESFind the totality topic right here, consisting of a Touchbar switch to fix it.