Photoshop pen pressure not working

Pen push for graphic tablets is not working in Photoshop, nor in any type of other Windows app.

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Windows Ink is activated in all the instances, vehicle drivers are updated in all the gadgets (Wacom Intuos Pro, Huion Kamwas Pro 16);

Pen Pressure stopped to work-related abruptly from one launch of Photoshop to another (nothing mounted in between);

Photoshop is not detecting any pen push for the brushes. Also, Photoshop choices were reinitialized;

Sys information in the adhering to link:

System info



According to your very own write-up, this is not connected to Photoshop,however is a general trouble on this one tablet (what model?).

This can be either a software/driver problem or hardware.

If this is hardware, this is not somepoint we deserve to aid with,

To examine if Windows Upday switched the touch driver, go into Settings,click Upday & Security, Windows Update, encertain you are in theWindows Update area, then click on View upday background.

Check if some update taken place on the day that this started happening,or the day before.

See more: Device Driver Software Was Not Successful…

If that is the case, go to Device Manager, discover the touch device, right-click,Properties. In the Driver tab, attempt to click Roll Back Driver (if not disabled).

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answered Jan 27 "20 at 10:06

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