Perfmon exe what is it

Lately my computer systems CPU has been running at 90-100%, even once I shut points dvery own. It seems to be somewhat motivated by the flash player, even though it doesn"t seem to be what"s taking up the ridiculous amounts of CPU. What does show up, however, is perfmon.exe. The advice I"ve viewed so far has been to either perform a device gain back - I tried it as soon as before and also the difficulty went away, yet has actually currently come ago and my computer says it doesn"t have any kind of reclaim points. The various other item of advice I found was to disable it from beginning up once the computer does, yet it doesn"t show up in msconfig. Advice? I"m incredibly frustrated and tempted to just delete it, because it is driving me mad to not have a functioning computer system. I"m running windows 7.
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Vinod N
Replied on July 27, 2012


1. Were tbelow any kind of recent alters made to the computer system before the issue?

I would certainly indicate you to follow the measures gave and also examine if it helps.

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Method 1:Shave the right to your computer system from Safety Scanner, which would certainly help us to eliminate virprovides, spyware, and also various other malicious software program.

The Safety Scanner is a totally free downloadable defense tool that gives on-demand also scanning and also helps rerelocate virsupplies, spyware, and various other malicious software program. It functions via your existing antivirus software program.

Note: The Safety Scanner expires 10 days after being downloaded. To rerun a sdeserve to through the latest anti-malware interpretations, downpack and also run the Safety Scanner aacquire.

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Note: Any information papers that are infected might only be cleaned by deleting the file totally, which means tright here is a potential for data loss.

Method 2:

If the concern persists then try to collection your computer system inClean Boot state and then inspect if the same problem occurs.

By setting your device in clean boot state helps in identifying if any 3rd party applications or startup items are causing the problem.

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How to troubleshoot a trouble by perdeveloping a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7:

Note: After clean boot troubleshooting action, followTip 7 in the provided link to rerevolve your computer to Regular startup mode.