how to change text color

All I want to do is area white message (oh, one colored word) on a black background. I can not uncover a tool to make that happen.

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1. Open a brand-new canvas.

2. Press CTRL + SHIFT + I on your keyboard. That will certainly invert the colours.

3. Make a brand-new layer.

4. Select white as you major colour & form your text.

5. Make a brand-new layer.

6. Select whatever before various other colour you desire & form your word.

Putting each word on a new layer means that you have the right to use the rectangle select to relocate it about without it affecting the rest of the image.

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I recommfinish conserving once as a .PDN & one as a .PNG (you will be triggered to Flatten). If you have to go ago & adjust anypoint you deserve to carry out it through the layers in the .PDN file.

Welpertained to the forum & I hope this helps.


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Posted March 4, 2011


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Posted March 4, 2011

The Tutorials forum is for posting tutorials you"ve created.

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How to change message color?
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