Page fault in nonpaged area reddit

*PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA* BSOD upon bootup through quick startup disabled or restarting. Please help! (Not a hardware problem)

I'm on the latest windows insider pevaluation develop 19640 and this worry has been going on considering that the last develop. Basically, I gain the green display of death with the error(web page fault in NONPAGED area) everytime I rebegin the computer and also try to login. After hours of trying to find a solution, I've learned a few things.

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Mainly, this error just occurs on a restart( a full reboot of windows, wright here everything consisting of the vehicle drivers need to be reset to boot) yet never upon shutting down commonly and also turning it back on. This made me wonder what would certainly happen if I were to rotate off quick startup because with rapid startup enabled, the computer system never really transforms off completely, some of the motorists and programs are still loaded and retained in the non- volatile memory to be used upon following boot. I proceeded to revolve off fast startup and shut down the computer normally and upon the following boot( which took much longer than before) unsurprisingly, I got the very same BSOD( web page fault in non paged area) and this was a fatality loop bereason there was no way i can log in without the BSOD occuring as a result of rapid startup being disabled. Luckily, I did revolve on the hibernate option( additionally in the settings food selection wbelow you can toggle quick startup and also is disabled by default) and this conserved me, once I hibernated the COMPUTER and also then turned it back on, it booted up and logged in no problems and also without any type of errors. This tells me the BSOD occurs upon a complete rebegin of windows.

•Things I've done to diagnose the issue-

Tried reseating the RAM and also the RAM appears to be fine, it's not the RAM, bereason the COMPUTER runs perfectly fine once I boot up without the BSOD.

Tried transforming the page file choices in multiple methods, tried establishing the web page file to a tradition value( which is 12000mb for my PC), tried disabling web page file completely and finally also tried letting home windows manage the page filing. Unfortunately, none of this aided as the issue persisted.

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Tried updating all main motorists related to storage ( Windows is set up on a 256GB Nvme m.2 ssd), did not work-related.

Tried running the memory digonstics and the file checking.

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Finally, I even tried reestablishing windows( keeping my files) yet that didn't assist either.

Now I've turned quick startup earlier on and I proceed utilizing the PC staying clear of a full rebegin of windows