Outlook your profile is not configured

Many type of individuals are reporting difficulties configuring iCloud in Outlook on brand brand-new computers. When they inspect package for Mail, Contacts, Calendars they get and error error message that tbelow is no default profile.

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The individuals commonly have one profile, it’s collection as the default, Outlook is collection as the default. Everypoint have to be working.

I am trying to setup Microsoft Office 365 Outlook to sync with iCloud. When I examine the box for Mail, Contacts, Calendars I get an error message: "Setup can not continue bereason Outlook isn"t configured to have actually a default profile. Check your Outlook settings and also try again."

I have actually one profile in Outlook, via the "Almeans usage this profile" schosen. I worked via Apple Support and Dell Support, uninstalled and reinstalled both applications, restarted my device many kind of times, all to no avail. I have actually additionally evidenced that the iCloud Outlook Add-in is presented as Active in the Outlook File/Options/Add-ins display screen.


We recognize the trouble is caused in component by having actually the Windows Store variation of Office premounted and also installing the Click to run version from Office.com.

iCloud and also most addins will not work-related with the store version at this time. You have to install the click to run variation from Office.com

After weeks of investigating, tright here is lastly a workaround.Installing the current variation of Office from office.com should rerelocate the store variation, but to insure it is rerelocated, run these cmdlets:

Open PowerCovering in run as admin mode then paste:Get-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online | where-object $_.packagename –favor "*Outlook*" | Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online

Then:Get-AppxPackage "*Outlook*" | Remove-AppxPackageClose the PowerCovering home window and also open it without utilizing run as admin. Run this command:Get-AppxPackage "*Outlook*" | Remove-AppxPackage

Next off, collection icloud.exe to run in Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 Compatibility mode.

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To carry out this, go to C:Program Files (x86)Usual FilesAppleInternet Services, find icloud.exe, right-click it and pick Properties. Switch to the Compatibility tab and allow compatibility mode.

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Now try permitting iCloud to sync Calendar and also Contacts. It have to occupational.


See Outlook is Not Recognized as the Default Email Client for other causes not concerned iCloud.
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