Outlook the name cannot be matched to a name in the address list


If you obtain the error, "The Name can not be matched to a name in the address list." after configuring the account, this means the user has actually “hide the user in the Global Address List” checked in the Control Panel. Tbelow are 2 methods to deal with this error.

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Option 1


1. Log into the Control Panel via a user that has actually Administrative privileges.

2. Find the user in the Control Panel and also select User Details.

3. Turn off hide the user in the GAL.

4. Let the change from the Control Panel propagate and continue with the rest of the measures after 2 hours.

5. In Windows, access the Start Menu > Control Panel > Mail > Sjust how Prodocuments > rerelocate the profile > Press OK.

6. Re-connumber the account.


Option 2


1. Upon receiving the error, pick OK.

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2. The Microsoft Exchange pop-up home window will certainly show up. Under the General tab, Microsoft Exchange Server will have the server you are currently on. Do not adjust this!

3. Rerelocate the
domain.com, leaving the first part of the resolve (user alias). Select Check Name.

4. The display screen name should show up underlined. Select OK.

5. Outlook need to prompt "Preparing Outlook for first use".


Note: Hiding a user from the Global Address List will influence the capability for that user to activate their Blackberry. Uninspect the “hide the user in the Global Address List” box when trying to activate among these tools. Once the tool has actually been caused then “hide the user in the Global Address List” can be checked aacquire.
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