Outlook data files usage is disabled on this computer

Nowadays, MS Outlook is the the majority of well-known email client, which have the right to be provided by normal individuals and skilled individuals. It have the right to save the finish data in two file styles such as PST and OST. But, periodically individuals might challenge miscellaneous worries while using MS Outlook application. Out of them, one such worry is “Outlook File Files(.pst) Usage is Disabled on this Computer” appearing in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010. Therefore, to overcome this kind of problem, customers should disable ‘Prevent User from Adding New File to Existing PST File’ alternative. As such, in the upcoming area, we are going to describe the step-by-action procedure to do it manually in Outlook settings or Outlook registry. Before proceeding that, individuals need to understand also the listed below scenario even more clearly:


“I have been functioning on Microsoft Outlook 2013 for a lengthy time. But, once I tried to open up Outlook all of sudden, I received an error message, i.e., Outlook Documents Files Usage is Disabled on this Computer in Outlook 2013. So, I am not able to number out why this issue occurs aobtain and aget. Please suggest me different methods to solve this issue”.

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Outlook Documents Files(.pst) Usage is Disabled on this Computer -Regisattempt / Manual Steps

Go with the adhering to approaches that will certainly assist to settle “Outlook Data Files Usage is Disabled on this Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 versions manually. This Outlook error message pops as soon as adding PST papers or adding a brand-new information PST file is disabled in your Outlook account. Tright here is nothing to be worried since this is an Outlook establishing alternative gave by Outlook for customers. So this have the right to be easily readdressed by disabling ‘Prevent User from Adding New Documents to Existing PST File’ in Outlook settings. Now let us have actually a look:

A Quick Guide:

Fix “Outlook File Files Usage is Disabled”

When users are unable to troubleshoot “Outlook Data Files(.pst) Usage is Disabled on this Computer” concern through the assist of the above-proclaimed strategy. Thus, customers deserve to take aid of a trusted third-party tool named as Outlook PST Data Recoexceptionally Tool. It is designed in such a way to reclaim .pst files in bulk without any type of information loss in MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000. It has an easy-to-use interconfront that even a novice user have the right to understand also its working without taking external aid. Additionally, there are some advanced features that are helped with by the tool.

Method 1: Fix Outlook Issue Manually

For Example: Consider Outlook 2010, the user can follow similar procedures according to the MS Outlook Version)

Firstly, you have to install the “Office Administrative 2010 Template” using the MS downfill center.Tright here are two versions easily accessible, i.e., 32-little & 64-bit. Choose an appropriate version according to your installed Office version.Next, open the “Policy Management Support” and also select the GPO that will certainly be requested Custom settings. Well click, right at Default Doprimary Policy and select ‘Edit’.


Open Outlook 2010 settings and store navigating to get Outlook Options. Now, pick “Other” and click on Auto-Archive. Here, you need to Enable the Disable data record. Exit Archive option and also Disable the Auto-Archive Setups.


Now, start MS Outlook 2010 go to PST Settings. Here, you need to disable the “Proccasion User from Adding New Documents to Existing PST File or Proccasion using sharing Exclusive PST’s”.

Note: If you should prevent a user from including brand-new content to existing PST file, click allow and go to alternative ‘No PST’s can be added”.


Then, this choice “Proccasion User from Adding New Data to Existing PST File” is disabled.


So now on your neighborhood machine, run gpupday or pressure to instantly use the GPO and also log in. After that, you will alert that the last user is not blocked from executing Outlook .pst associated operations. Likewise, the ‘Open MS Outlook Documents File’ alternative will certainly be visible as soon as clicking on File in MS Outlook 2010.

So, trying to Export and Import Outlook PST data will certainly not lead to “Outlook File Files(.pst) Usage is Disabled on this Computer” error anymore.

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Method 2: Fix Outlook Issues making use of Registry

If you readjust the registry wrongly then, you might confront a major problem. Before doing any type of change, ago up the regisattempt for restoration if any type of difficulty occurs. Tright here are 2 methods:

To Enable users to add brand-new data into existing PST fileTo Enable individuals to include new PST file

1. Enable/ Prevent User from Adding New File to Existing PST File

To proccasion a user from adding brand-new content to an existing Outlook PST data paper, execute changes in PSTDisableGrow registry entry, asset value to 0. To carry out that, follow these:

Now, Open the Registry EditorFind and also then, go to the adhering to registry subkey:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftOffice.0OutlookPSTUnder the Edit menu, click on New, and also then choose DWORD Value.Get in PSTDisableGrow, and press Get in keyRight-click on PSTDisableGrow registry entry that you have produced, and then choose Modify.Type 0 in the Value data box, and also then press OKNote: The PSTDisableGrow regisattempt entry will be set according to the provided values:

0 = User can add new information to an existing PST file. This is the default worth.1 = Uses cannot include the brand-new content to an existing PST file

2. Enable/ Prevent User from Adding a New PST File

In order to proccasion a user from connecting a single PST file in MS Outlook, carry out transforms in DisablePST regisattempt enattempt, as value to 0. This will help you to solve ‘Outlook Documents Files(.pst) Usage is Disabled on this Computer’. To perform this, follow the listed steps:

Open the Registry EditorLocate, and then click the below registry subkey:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftOffice.0OutlookOn the Edit menu, go to New option, and then click on DWORD Value.Type DisablePST, and then click the Go into keyRight-click on DisablePST registry entry that you have created, and pick Modify.Under the Value data box, kind 0, and also then push OK.Note: The DisablePST regisattempt enattempt that can be set to the following values:

0 = User can include PST information files. This is the default worth.1 = User cannot include PST files. PST Functionality Completely2 = User deserve to only include exclusive sharing PST data, such as SharePoint PST papers.

Remember: If you want to disable PST file consumption, then you should follow the over actions to restrict others from utilizing PST files.

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Final Words

MS Outlook is a trusted and also efficient email application offered by many users around the civilization. However, periodically individuals may face concerns while functioning via Outlook application. In this blog, we have actually explained many kind of remedies to resolve ‘Outlook File Files(.pst) Usage is Disabled on this Computer’ error. The user deserve to implement any kind of of the above-proclaimed methods to resolve the issue. Henceforth, it is constantly advisable to opt for a trusted solution to avoid the data loss problem in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 versions.