Outlook crashes when trying to print

Often customers must have actually come throughout troubles while printing out a details document. What individuals primarily suffer is that an error within Microsoft Outlook reasons the email client to freeze out once it attempts to print out the pages. What can be the actual reason for the error creeping in at the moment of printing; when typically it is uncovered out that the users have the right to have actually a nice print out from other applications? Let us discover out the precise reason for this error.

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Occurrence of Outlook Error While Printing Out an Email

One of the reasons for the occurrence of error in Outlook that has actually been figured out is the OutlPrnt file. Microsoft-Outlook maintains all the settings regarded printing style in a distinct file well-known as OutlPrnt. When this file gets corrupted, Outlook starts freezing and crashing all of a sudden. Additional, it has actually been noticed that as soon as tbelow are corruptions in OutlPrnt, messages are printed from right-to left rather of the regular left to right printing format. Now, the question is just how to solve such an error that has developed via OutlPrnt file of Outlook? An method to resolve the corruption worry with OutlPrnt file has actually been disputed listed below.

Kcurrently How to Resettle Corruption Issue via OutlPrnt File

While working out on various methods, the solution for the over difficulty was found out. The steps questioned below deserve to be executed to solve the problem through Outlook.

If Outlook is open up, then exit all the operations and also cshed Outlook.Navigate to the location wbelow the OutlPrnt file exists.Rename the OutlPrnt file to Outlprnt.old.Now, aacquire restart Outlook and also go for test printing.

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Trace the location of OutlPrnt by adhering to given below path:

For Windows Vista or Windows 7


OutlPrnt-file is located in a concealed folder. However, you have the right to trace it conveniently by pasting the route that has been mentioned over on the attend to bar of Data Explorer.


For Windows XP


Note:Here, \%username% denotes the original username of the user that has been enduring difficulties via Outlook while printing.

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After delivering out the settings provided over, Microsoft Outlook should not display signs of freezing anyeven more. The method helps in restoring the normal operation of Outlook while printing.