Origin folder does not exist


If you are playing Origin games, it is a good habit to upday them when the latest updates are released. However before, some individuals report that they get an error message that Origin folder does not exist when they update a game in Origin. To deal with the problem, MiniTool Partition Wizard puts together some techniques which might be useful for you, and also you have the right to have actually a shot.

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Origin is a well-known game platdevelop where the majority of video games are sustained. However, users encounter various worries while use this application sometimes, such as error: 327683:0, Origin digital login is presently uneasily accessible, and so on.

Today, I’d favor to present some methods to resolve Origin folder does not exist error which generally happens while updating games in Origin on Windows PC. You can have actually a shot if you are bothered by the very same problem.

Method 1: Run Origin as Administrator

It might be unable to accessibility folders if Origin lacks bureaucratic pergoals, specifically after Windows or Origin update. That can be among the reasons why you receive the message that folder does not exist in Origin. To solve the problem, you have to run Origin as administrator. Here are the detailed actions.

Tip 1: Right-click the shortcut of Origin on the desktop and also select Properties.

Tip: If you don’t have the shortcut on desktop computer, you have the right to find the Origin executable from the installation folder and then right-click it and also pick Properties. Usually, it is in “C:Program Files (x86)Origin” or “C:Program FilesOrigin” by default.

Tip 2: In the pop-up home window, switch to Compatibility tab and examine Run this regime as an administrator under the Settings area.


Step 3: Click Apply and OK to conserve the alters you have actually made.

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Then you have the right to double-click the Origin shortcut to launch it as administrator, and also you can try upday your game to inspect if the problem has been solved. If Origin claims folder does not exist aget, you must relocate on to the next method.

Method 2: Select the Video Game Folder Manually

If you still get the error that Origin folder does not exist after running Origin as administrator, you might need to choose the game installation folder for the game you want to update manually.

You just have to Open Origin, navigate to My Game Library, and click Upday Game for the target game. When the error message “Origin folder does not exist” pops up, click Choose New Folder switch. Then pick the folder wright here the game is mounted. If nopoint goes wrong, you should be able to upday the game properly.

If this doesn’t occupational, please store trying the next method.

Method 3: Restore Game Library Location Settings

When Origin can’t upday a particular game for you due to “folder does not exist” error, you deserve to also try fixing it by reset the settings regarded your Game Library.

Tip 1: In the Origin application, choose Origin from the optimal food selection bar and then click Application Settings.

Tip 2: In the appropriate pane, pick Installs & Saves tab.

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Tip 3: Under On your computer area, click Rekeep default switch for Video Game library location. Then follow the ondisplay screen instructions to finish the procedure.