Operation could not be completed access is denied

In this tutorial you "ll action by step instructions on just how you deserve to speak a Windows company that cannot be quit via error "Unable to speak business. The operation could not be completed. The asked for regulate is not valid for this service". In addition, you "ll learn exactly how to pressure sheight any kind of service as soon as the "Stop" option is greyed out in Services (solutions.msc).

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If you cannot stop a business from Services panel, then you deserve to to terminate the organization from Command Prompt or from PowerShell. Keep in mind, but, that critical Windows services cannot be quit in any kind of means.

How to fix: Unable to Stop service. Access is Denied.

Method 1. Soptimal Service from Command also Prompt.Method 2. Soptimal Service from PowerCovering.

Method 1. How to Sheight a Service from Command also Prompt.

To terminate a running service from command also prompt:

1. In Services, right click On the Service that you cannot speak and pick Properties.2. Notice the Service Name.



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Open Command prompt as administrator and also provide the following command to obtain the PID of the company that you desire to soptimal.

sc queryex ServiceName

* Note: Wbelow ServiceName = the name of the company you noticed in the previous action.

e.g. sc queryex TabletInputService


4. Now kind this command also to kill the service:

taskkill /F /PID ServicePID

* Notes:1. Wbelow ServicePID = the PID of the service you noticed in the previous step.2. If after executing the above command, you obtain the error "The procedure through PID xxxx might not be terminated. Reason: Access is denied.", then attempt to stop the service from PowerCovering. (Method-2)

e.g. taskkill /F /PID 476


Method 2. How to Sheight a Service from PowerShell.

To force speak a running business from PowerShell:

1. Follow the actions 1-3 in the method-1 above, to obtain the PID of the service that you desire to sheight.2. Open PowerCovering as Administrator.3.

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In PowerCovering, offer the following command:

kill -id PID

* Note: Wright here PID = the PID of the organization you desire to terminate. (e.g. "kill -id 476")


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