Open office spell check does not work

HelloI"ve been looking for a deal with to Apache Open Office"s spell check. It does not seem to be functioning on any kind of computer system we"ve put it on. From what I deserve to tell, it"s been an problem via them. Spell check doesn"t note anypoint as being spelled wrongly. When I attempt to run spell check, it instantly pops up regarding containing no errors. I"ve also deliberately misspelled words, and also still nothing. Is anyone else experiencing this trouble, and also has actually anyone discovered a fix?

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I just fixed this by going to the C:Users(UserName)AppDataRoamingOpenOffice4 folder and also deleting the "user" folder once the OO regime is closed down. On opening the regime after the deletion, it asked for the name of the user aobtain, as soon as gone into spell examine was functioning as intended. 


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Did you install dictionaries? Also, examine that language settings are correct. Due to the fact that as I know spell check only works effectively when you set language for a paragraph, favor as soon as you create in English, language for that text should be English. Also there"s file language alternative, which might be collection in choices.

If you explain your difficulty more plainly, that can help to offer the answer.


I"ve mounted dictionaries via the extensions, and also I"ve checked that all language choices are marked as English (US). It seems favor there"s no spell examine set up. I"ve sought hunspell spell checker, which from what I deserve to tell, is the spell checker they supplied, but I can not discover a version that"s compatible with 4.1.1.

This concern has ultimately been refixed. I"ll article the measures I had actually to take so hopefully this will help someone else. Basically the issue was Open Office didn"t possess the capacity to work-related over a network share.

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How to gain Open Office spell check working effectively.

Create a bootstrap.ini file and rearea the old one.

1. Install/Update the newest variation of Open Office

2. Install the language fill that is directly to the best of the Open Office EXE install link

3. Open notepad

4. Save the file as bootstrap.ini to the desktop computer.

5. Paste the following code right into your bootstrap.ini file that you"ve simply created

BaseInstallation=$OOO_BASE_DIRInstallMode=ProductKey=OpenOffice 4.1.1UserInstallation=file:///c:/users/$USERNAME/AppData/Local/OpenOffice/4ErrorReportPort=80ErrorReportServer=

6. Save Documents and also Exit

7. Right click the bootstrap file on the desktop and copy it.

8. Navigate to C:Program Files (x86)OpenOffice 4program

9. Paste the current bootstrap.ini file. This must rearea the old bootstrap.ini file with the new one you"ve made.

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Move %appdata%OpenOffice4user to %localappdata%OpenOffice4user

1. Open Windows Explorer

2. Delete every little thing in the navigation bar and also essential in %appdata%

3. Navigate to OpenOffice

4. Navigate to 4

5. Copy the user folder

6. Delete everything in the navigating bar and also vital in %localappdata%

7. Create a brand-new folder named OpenOffice

8. Navigate to OpenOffice

9. Create a brand-new folder named 4

10. Navigate to 4

11. Paste the user folder you formerly copied

Make sure eextremely instance of Open Office is closed, including the quick launcher.