Oops something went wrong microsoft account

I developed a local account for my kid on a Windows 10 machine and currently wish to sign in to a classiccomputers.info account instead.

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I fill in all the necessary details and also click "next" however rather of logging him in to his MS account I get an error message saying "Oops - somepoint went wrong. Whatever happened, it"s probably our fault. Try again."

I called MS assistance and was told to kind "netsh int ip reset" into an elevated command also prompt. This made no distinction. Then the MS assistance man told me that if I wanted to try various other opportunities to deal with the problem, I would have to pay for assistance.

I have been able effectively to lug out specifically this procedure for one more regional account on the same machine, so I cannot understand also what the difficulty deserve to be via my son"s account.

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Replied on December 17, 2015
In reply to A. User's post on December 3, 2015

I have actually the solution!

The issue is that you have actually a Family Safety adult setup on that machine that is in the very same group of the classiccomputers.info accounts your trying to associate to a neighborhood account!

When you go to the account settings, you will notification that it reflects the choice to let the other classiccomputers.info accounts within the Family Safety team to log in if you allow it.

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I"m 100% sure that when you attempt to transform a neighborhood account to a classiccomputers.info account that is already detailed as a Family member, it will fail to transform it as it looks choose it"s already linked to your computer system also though you never allowed it!

I rerelocated the classiccomputers.info account that was currently on my machine from the Family team. I then logged right into that account and also got in the account settings. I saw the other Family members on that page for a brief time and then they disappear.

I then logged out of that classiccomputers.info account and also logged right into my son"s local account. I was able to switch it to classiccomputers.info efficiently.

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I then logged right into my wife"s regional account and switched it to classiccomputers.info effectively.


The bug is, if the classiccomputers.info account to want to associate to a regional account shows up in any kind of bodies Family list in the Account settings, it will fail to job-related.. You need to make certain NONE of the existing customers has that name showing up for it to job-related. Those users are cached! So also if you rerelocate them, you need to log earlier into that account and pull up the account web page so it refreshes the list before it will certainly work!