Only user processes can be killed

We have an SQL Job Agent that runs in the "wee hours" to regain our regional database (FooData) from a manufacturing backup.

First, the database is collection to SINGLE_USER mode and also any type of open processes are eliminated. Second, the database is recovered.

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But the third step stops working periodically through Error 6107: "Only User Processes Can Be Killed"

This happens about as soon as or twice a week at seemingly random intervals. Here is the code for action 3 where the faientice periodically occurs:

USE master;goexec msdb.dbo.KillSpids FooData;goALTER DATABASE FooFile SET MULTI_USER;goDoes anybody have any ideas what can be arising to cause this error? I"m reasoning there can be some automated process beginning up during action 3 or probably some user trying to log in throughout that time? I"m not a DBA, so I"m guessing at this suggest, although I think that a user should not have the ability to log in while the DB is in SINGLE_USER mode.

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asked Apr 21 "14 at 18:52

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A user more than likely isn"t logged in. The system is probably perdeveloping some job. The output of exec sp_who or sp_who2 will show what sessions are open up. Any SPID listed below 50 is a system procedure, and also cannot be eliminated through KILL. The just method to sheight them is to speak the SQL Server organization or worry a SHUTDOWN command (which does the exact same thing).

answered Apr 21 "14 at 20:45

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I uncovered the answer to my problem by transforming one line of code which functioned prefer a cdamage.

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As pointed out in the original question, the "KillSpids" line is offered in Tip 1 of the job. (Along with SET SINGLE USER) The "KillSpids" made feeling in Step 1 because tbelow may be unwanted processes still energetic on the database.

The "KillSpids" line was then included aget into Tip 3, yet it was unessential, and also was likewise resulting in the 6107 error.

I reinserted the "KillSpids" line with the one displayed listed below. Setting the freshly brought back database to single user mode takes treatment of the worry that a user might attempt to log in before all the project procedures have been completed. Here is the updated code:

answered Apr 24 "14 at 22:56


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