Onenote clipper chrome not working

I was utilizing rather happily to clip out images I required for my trip planner. I would certainly best click any picture and the conmessage menu would pop up for "clip picture." I would certainly clip and also and would send to my inbox folder.

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Now when I right click on a picture my only alternatives are 1. Clip full web page, 2. Clip bookmark, or 3. Clip screenshot. 

What happened to Clip Image? I haven"t readjusted any settings knowingly.

I am utilizing version



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 I badly require the Add renote attribute back

I"m acquiring really exhausted of taking amethod usability. It seems that they just desire to execute fun brand-new things favor team teamwork, but don"t care around the standard functionality we"ve concerned count on and pay for!


Very disappointed in the loss of "add remark" attribute. 

Random loss of functionality totally undermines the business.

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I find your solicitude baffling. This is a not-inexpensive application by an establimelted agency that has been made demonstrably less useful. There has actually been no systematic communication from I"ve had actually a premium subscription for years and so I suspect have actually many type of of the people below and also in other places who are distressed. 

The organization isn"t completely phelp, so not eincredibly customer impacted by this is a paying customer. Due to the fact that freemium customers often turn into paying customers, I contained them. We"re all customers, so our feedago - of all forms and phrasings - have to be welcomed. I as well am a premium customer, yet that shouldn"t matter to - or this forum - because the transforms impact eextremely customer.

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I do not think I am being solicitous, but of course that"s totally your opinion and also you are entitresulted in it. I do recognize that for me, personally, yelling and threatening isn"t exceptionally helpful to making me change my mind or having actually a meaningful I do find that level-headed discourse often enables those with differing opinions to involved some kind of knowledge, so I try to come at all classiccomputers.infos with that attitude. I understand, it"s a destructive habit to have actually. =)

You are welconcerned provide your feedearlier in whatever way you uncover many comfortable or beneficial to you, and I will certainly carry out mine in the means that is a lot of comfortable to me. I hope that listens to us regardless of which voice they choose.

I hope your day is excellent Etonreve! May our web clippers be fixed by the next sundown!

EDIT: I likewise agree through your previously point about this is a disastrous method to treat customers - paying or not - and also have to be addressed. Just bereason I agree in different ways doesn"t mean I disagree. =)