Onenote cannot create a new notebook

When I try to produce a new notebook in OneKeep in mind for Mac, I get the following error:

Cannot Create This Notebook

The area may not be available at this time, or you can not have permission to save records on it. Also attempt using fewer characters in your notebook name.

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Simple solution simply discovered it:

Go to and log in.Make a new notebook from the webpage.Then wait a minute or two.Then quit OneNote.Then re-open up it and also try it again. Should occupational.

Seems to be a problem via university-sponsored 365 accounts.



Well, I skilled the exact same issue, It wouldn"t login to my Microsoft account from the desktop application no issue exactly how many kind of times I tried. So, I tried to open it from the internet application from onenote, created a brand-new note and also clicked on the choice dubbed "Open in Desktop App" then it instantly logged in on my desktop computer application.


OneKeep in mind for the Mac is designed to job-related via Microsoft"s (free) cloud business. Have you signed up for an account and also connected OneNote to that account?

I am reasoning that is the the majority of likely cause of that error.

I was acquiring the specific exact same error message when I simply put up OneKeep in mind with my University, and also it preserved asking me to authorize in repetitively.

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Turns out, at least for me, the OneDrive cloud company that it was utilizing wasn"t actually set up yet even though I"d registered. I had actually to go to the OneKeep in mind webwebsite virtual to acquire to the OneDrive for Business and sign in tbelow to get the drive set up. Once I did that I didn"t have any problems!

I went through this as well with the exact same message. It would just show the OneDrive as my uni"s. What you have to carry out is downfill the app OneDrive and also then sign up. Works a treat now!

It may assist if you log in to OneNote by means of your internet browser, produce the brand-new notebook, then click the tab (optimal best of web browser page) to "open up in OneNote, then it will certainly open up the application and also force the application to open the new notebook. It"s a Microsoft problem with syncing, wright here even if you"re signed in to OneDrive, it won"t let you develop a brand-new Notebook...alternatively, tright here is constantly Evernote!

For the human being having problems with say the uni accounts.

I preserved having actually this concern and also couldn"t obtain approximately it for periods. In the finish what I made a decision to perform is put up a microsoft account making use of my zmail (or whatever before email you"re using), go to onedrive and set it up for that email. Then connect the business in one note and also it need to allow you to produce a workbook for that onedrive.

Found a solution: Start by signing out and also singing ago in with your school/occupational email. Seems to be a problem with college and job-related accounts.

At the moment of the event of the error, all the references given in the over answers were already tried via no luck. This was as a result of a Microsoft bug which has actually been addressed a while earlier.

Thanks to all of the contributors, anyway.

Had the precise same problem, mine is not a university account, however a personal 365.One of the options above aided. I logged into one note from web browser and also then readjusted the note save place - it motivated me to login aget and the trouble was gone.

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For me it was the digital privacy preference establishing in the office suite. I had actually every little thing toggled off and that must have actually prevented the sync through MS one drive. Once set off and then one note closed and rebegan - all operated.

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