Office file validation detected a problem excel 2003

Office Data Validation (OFV) is a defense feature that was introduced in Microsoft Office 2010. Office File Validation verifies that a certain binary file adheres to the application’s expectations. Office Documents Validation have the right to aid prevent unknown binary file format attacks versus Microsoft Office 97-2003 file formats. When you open up Microsoft Office 97-2003 binary file (such as .doc) the file is compared to a binary schema. If the file falls short this validation, you are informed that the document could be thought about to be endangered. In Office 2003 and also in the 2007 Office device, you are prompted around the file standing and also deserve to decide to cancel opening the file or to proceed to open up the file.

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To help protect your computer system from risk, we recommend that you do not open up files that you receive as email message attachments, particularly if the messeras arrive unexpectedly. In addition, carry out not open papers that you receive as attachments if the files are from a perboy who is unwell-known to you. For Enterpclimb customers visit the following TechNet webpage:

Install Office Data Validation

PrerequisitesTo install Office Documents Validation, you need to have the adhering to prerequisites:You should have Office 2003, the 2007 Office system, or Office 2010 mounted. You should install the following architecture updates to Microsoft Publisher prior to you install Office Documents Validation:Install Office File ValidationThe following file is accessible for downpack from the Microsoft Downfill Center:
Download the Office File Validation package now.Release Date: April 12, 2011For even more information about exactly how to download Microsoft assistance records, click the adhering to post number to check out the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
Microsoft scanned this file for viroffers. Microsoft offered the a lot of present virus-detection software program that was easily accessible on the day that the file was posted. The file is stored on security-intensified servers that aid proccasion any type of unauthorized changes to the file. Known issues via Office Data ValidationFiles that were produced in Microsoft Excel 2.0, Microsoft Excel 3.0, or Microsoft Excel 4.0 will certainly fail validation once you usage Office File Validation in Office 2003. Solver.xla will fail validation when you usage Office Data Validation in Office 2003. When you paste lots of charts or points of data right into an Office 2003 record, the paste function may take a lengthy time to finish while Office Documents Validation tries to validay the new data.

Default Behavior

When you attempt to open a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Publisher 97-2003 file, and also that file stops working Office Documents Validation, you receive the complying with warning:


For Office 2010You deserve to manually collection the regisattempt entries by using the complying with values:
Value: DisableEditFromPVType: REG_DWORDDefault value: 0Description: When Office Data Validations fails0 = Enable Edit in Protected View. 1 = Disable Edit in Protected View.
Add the DisableEditFromPV REG_DWORD to any kind of or all the complying with regisattempt subkeys to disable Edit in Protected View in Office 2010:
For the 2007 Microsoft Office mechanism and also Office 2003You can manually set the regisattempt entries by using the complying with values:
Value: InvalidFileUIOptionsType: REG_DWORDDefault value: 0Description: When Office Data Validations fails0 = Notify user file failed. Give user the alternative to load the file or not 1 = Notify user file failed. No alternative to pack the file.

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For the 2007 Microsoft Office systemAdd the InvalidFileUIOptions REG_DWORD to any type of or all the following regisattempt subtricks for Office Documents Validation in 2007 Microsoft Office system:
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware MicrosoftOffice12.0ExcelSecurityFileValidationHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware MicrosoftOffice12.0WordSecurityFileValidation HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware MicrosoftOffice12.0PowerPointSecurityFileValidation
For Office 2003Add the InvalidFileUIOptions REG_DWORD to any type of or all the complying with registry subkeys for Office File Validation in Office 2003:
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware MicrosoftOffice11.0ExcelSecurityFileValidation HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware MicrosoftOffice11.0WordSecurityFileValidationHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware MicrosoftOffice11.0PowerPointSecurityFileValidation

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