Obs display capture not working 2018

Recently, I got invited to sheight at DotFest – a .NET developer conference in Novosibirsk. Due to the COVID pandemic, they had to make the occasion online, so the organizers put up a test call through me to make sure every little thing is working. Throughout the call, we’ve noticed that OBS (great video streaming software) on my lapoptimal doesn’t work-related. We essential to grab my screen and also send it to a RTSP server, yet whatever I’ve viewed in the OBS was a babsence display. The exact same case developed as soon as I tried to add a webelectronic camera photo to the scene – likewise a babsence display screen.

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I’ve never viewed this prior to – I am utilizing OBS for years and also it was constantly functioning pretty well – it’s a very dependable piece of software application. But I’ve never before used OBS on my brand-new laptop prior to – I always stream from a separate gadget utilizing my awesome streaming setup.OBS reflects only black display as soon as using Display Record or Video Device CaptureAfter googling a tiny little bit, I’ve found this thcheck out which explained the problem and readily available a functioning solution.Because the threview is fairly long, I’ve extracted the crucial actions consisting of screenshots.The trouble is that my lapheight has actually two graphics adapters – incorporated Intel Iris Plus Graphics and also also nVidia GE Force MX330. Windows has some automated algorithm to decide which adapter will certainly be offered by the app, and also it determined the wrong one.I had actually to go to Graphics Settings (in the Windows Setups app – simply search for it in the Start menu) and create a preference for obs64.exe:Creating a preference for a Desktop appWhen I click Options, I have to select the included graphics (Power saving) card for display capture to work.

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Select the power conserving profileAfter refounding OBS, whatever functions well.According to the forum thcheck out, for game streaming or NVENC, you must most likely select the High performance profile.


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