Nvidia disable monitor auto detection

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DisplayPort specification has a requirement for hotplug detection and also this reasons a trouble as soon as the operating system handles it un-gracefully. Tired of waiting for the suppliers to speak ping-ponging the problem and also claiming some other party is responsible for the deal with, I aim to deal with this issue.

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Per DisplayPort specification set by VESA, all monitors that bear the DisplayPort logo (or supplies its specification) are required to assistance EDID and DDC/CI. This causes a problem when the typical specification likewise includes a very annoying function referred to as hotplug detection and the operating mechanism handles it un-gracecompletely, resulting in difficulties such as the resolution of the display changing, 3D applications crashing, screen not showing up on remote accessibility software program, PC failing to boot due to the lack of monitors, or all the desktop windows and icons being shifted to the following available monitor which may or may not exist on the system.

Some world have resorted to obtaining a dummy screen device (which plugs into the port and provides the GPU think tbelow is a monitor attached to it), yet in my instance, this didn't even occupational given that the GPU still rearranged the displays and also Windows 10 reacted by disabling the "Copy Screen" choice, which renders the solution useless bereason you need to go to the choice and revolve this alternative back on when you turn the monitor on aget.

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Moreover, a lot of pre-made options (EDID copiers, dummy plugs, DP-to-HDMI converters) do not assistance any refresh price above 75Hz, which causes glitches and also concerns as soon as you desire to use 120Hz or 144Hz refresh price on your new monitor. How execute I know? I tried 4 different gadgets from various manufacturers, every one of which proved glitches once collection to run at 144Hz. Plus, dummy plugs are useless once you desire to make your monitor appear not-turned-off.

Some monitors carry out "hybrid sleep" mode which allows you put the monitor to sleep instead of turning off, leaving the hotplug detection happy while you sleep discovering that the company life of the backlight lamp is not going to be wasted as soon as you are not making use of it, however this attribute is absent on many many type of monitors. To combat this issue, some users have actually provided the "black screen" trick to simulate the monitor turning off, yet this still leaves the backlight of the display on, reducing its lifespan and also still wastes power.

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NVIDIA offers kinda-sorta settle on Quadro cards by loading the EDID indevelopment from a document, however they're ridiculously expensive and not at all fit for most human being (favor buying a brand-new car to fix a level tire is stupid). Intel and also AMD refsupplies to let users disable this annoying function. Microsoft still does not want to implement a method to disable this attribute (also with individuals knowledge that this may reason problems). While on Windows 7 you might do a registry patch to kill this feature, on Windows 10 the meant fix does not work-related anyeven more.

Left via no various other options and also exhausted of providers shifting the obligation to one one more over and also over, I decided to make somepoint that kills this function once and also for all, and without having to buy the tool from some company much, far amethod from you via no guarantee on whether or not it supports the display refresh rate or resolution you want.