Nt kernel & system high memory windows 10

Covid-19 brought about a globe-wide work-from-residence experiment and also it is logical to expect the flourishing variety of users accessing their computer systems remotely utilizing Remote Deskoptimal. Having an RDP port open to the Net is primarily thought about insecure and most of the defense professionals advise utilizing VPN or/and also two-aspect authentication to boost the protection. Here we will certainly evaluation an… Read More »

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“Faicaused install WinpkFilter NDIS LWF driver through error 0x800700b7” or critical worth of driver customization

One of our customers has actually recently reported that WinpkFilter installation has failed via error code 0x800700b7. This was the initially report mentioning such error code and also we have actually spend some time to study the worry at a customer side. Such habits appears to be worth mentioning in a devoted write-up. 0x800700b7 error code can be decoded as ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS,… Read More »

Why carry out I should bridge or a couple of genuine life instances when you may need an different to built-in Windows network bridge. Over ten years has passed because I have actually publimelted the first variation of Ethernet Bridge. The primary objective of this simple tool, motivated by Steve Gibchild from Gibkid Research Corporation, was sustaining OpenVPN in… Read More »

Recently I have actually had actually a tiny yet curious research study project via the need to decrypt ProtectedHomepages binary worth stored under . While googling about the difficulty I have actually checked out a related question on StackOverflow, so I decided that it might have sense to share the… Read More »

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There is a very well-known and essential question about Windows Packet Filter: “Can I handle Gigabit web traffic in WinpkFilter user-mode application without noticeable performance degradation?” I was asked rather frequently and also generally my answer starts through “that depends…” adhered to up by various performance connected considerations and also ends via a sentence “if you require maximum possible performance then consider… Read More »

Windows Packet Filter source code layout When you install Windows Packet Filter Source Code package you have gained the folder called Kernel under the major installation folder with the complying with structure: /bin – consists of driver’s binaries for all supported Windows versions /common – includes the resource code shared alengthy all supported Windows versions. If you setup to build… Read More »

This is a brief reverse engineering evaluation of one useful remote management energy initially authored by Mark Russinovich (you deserve to downpack it from Microsoft web-site here). Original version of this evaluation was publimelted on this site in 2004, but because the utility is still very famous and also customers are interested around its internal architecture I made a decision to slightly… Read More »

Original version of this write-up was publiburned on this website over 14 years back and was named “Firewall for Windows” (firewalls were famous at that time, however the exact same kind of vehicle drivers can be provided for the wide array of networking applications). Lots of time has actually passed so much and described old Windows operating systems are greatly out… Read More »

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04.02.2021WinpkFilter 3.2.28 update:Quick I/O restyle via significantly enhanced performance under high pack (brand-new version supplies two lock-free mutual sections and no packets queuing)Updated C++ samples27.11.2020WinpkFilter 3.2.26 update:Bugfix: potential resource leak when having actually active WinpkFilter application throughout device power state changes02.08.2020WinpkFilter 3.2.25 update:Bugfix: incorrect recommendation respond to can outcome DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE in the time of mechanism power state transitions 26.04.2020WinpkFilter 3.2.24 update:Quick I/O performance improvements26.02.2020WinpkFilter 3.2.21 update:Fixed IRQL_UNEXPECTED_VALUE (c8) on Windows 10 1909 through "Killer E2200 Gigalittle Ethernet Controller" Imverified Fast I/O implementation in driver code16.11.2019WinpkFilter update:Added assistance for NdisMediumIp Added compile time alternative to activate Jumbo frames supportAdded brand-new speculative Rapid I/O API which dramatically improves packet analysis latency