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Use Driver Easy to install a WIA driver automatically. When you try to usage your scanner on Windows operating system, unfortunately it’ not effective. Instead, you check out an error saying You require a WIA driver to usage this device. You might feel puzzled and also don’t know how to settle this trouble at all. Don’t worry. This is an precisely easy-to-fix trouble.

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What is ‘WIA driver’?

WIA, Windows Image Acquisition, is a Microsoft driver version from Windows ME onwards. A WIA driver permits the graphics software choose Windows Scanner, Photoshop, to interact with your imaging hardware choose scanner. If a WIA driver is absent, old or incompatible on your computer system, then you may probably gain the error ‘You need a WIA driver to use this device’. Follow alengthy the overview below to install a correct latest WIA driver for your scanner to fix the difficulty.

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Fixes for ‘You require a WIA driver to usage this device’:

You deserve to choose to install your scanner WIA driver manually, which requires your time, patience and computer approach. Or alternatively, you can make use of Driver Easy to assist you uncover and also install the WIA driver immediately.

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Way 1: Install a scanner WIA driver manually

As the error message saying, you deserve to install the WIA driver from the installation CD or manufacturer’s website. The installation CD is constantly coming in addition to your scanner as soon as you bought it. Insert it right into your computer system and the follow the on-display instructions.
If you lose your CD, don’t worry. You deserve to download the driver from your scanner manufacturer’s website, favor HP,Canon, KODAK. 1) Go to the driver download page, typically it locates in the Support area of your scanner manufacturer’s webwebsite. 2) You should enter your product design. Besides, you would be asked to pick your Windows operating device. 3) Downpack the scanner driver.

4) Reboot your Windows and also try to sdeserve to your documents to view if it succeeds.

Way 2: Install a scanner WIA driver automatically

If you’re not confident through downloading or updating motorists manually, let Driver Easy assist you execute it immediately.With its assist, you can say goodbye to driver headache and also delays forever. Driver Easy will certainly immediately recognize your device and find the correct motorists for it.You don’t have to hazard downloading and installing the wrong driver, and you don’t need to issue about making a mistake when installing. 1)Downloadand install Driver Easy. Then run it on your Windows. 2) ClickShave the right to Now. All motorists problems ofyour computer system would certainly be detected in less than 1 min. Your scanner driver is no exemption.
3) If you try the Free version, clickUpdatebeside the scanner driver to instantly download and install the correct variation of the driver. Or if you use the Pro version, clickUpdateAllto automatically download and also install the correct variation ofallthe drivers that are absent or out of day on your mechanism.(You’ll get full assistance and a 30-day money earlier guarantee for the Pro version)
4) Reboot your Windows and try to sdeserve to your records to check out if it succeeds.