No video with supported format and mime found


If you see this error message: “No video via sustained format and MIME type found” when trying to play a video, don’t panic. This is a prevalent error commonly happening in Firefox. You can solve the error with the solutions below.

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Why does the error happen?

This error occurs on some browsers, especially in Firefox. Sometimes it’s because of the outdated web browser variation, and also an additional major reason is your browser doesn’t assistance the format of the video form.

The error “No video through sustained format and also MIME form found” is mainly about the HTML5 media player, so you have to additionally inspect if your internet browser supports playing the media files in this format.

How to fix the error?

Here are the options you have the right to attempt. You shouldn’t have to attempt them all. Just try each one consequently till everything’s working aacquire.

Fix 1: Upday your browser

Because many technical problems deserve to be fixed by rebeginning, it never harms to rebegin your Firefox or various other internet browser that offered you the error. Sometimes this is enough to resolve your worry.

In addition, the outdated internet browser variation deserve to reason bug issues, and that’s why the developer keeps releasing updays to deal with issues and enhance your suffer. So you need to ssuggest inspect if tright here is any update in your internet browser, and install the latest upday to save your internet browser approximately date.


After the update, try playing the video again to see if it fixes the error.

Fix 2: Clear browser cookies and also cache

Clearing web browser cookies and also cache can aid deal with the “No video via sustained format and MIME form found” error. Here’s what to do:

Kindly note that clearing cookies and cache will certainly log out the websites.

1) Go to Firefox Options by click the Options button, or you have the right to form about:preferences in the address bar then press Enter.


2) Click Privacy & Security on the left.


3) In the History section, click the Clear History switch.


4) In the popup dialog, select Everything and click Clear Now.

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5) Still under the History area, click Clear Data.


6) Click Clear aobtain to confirm.


After that, restart your Firefox and try aget to view if the error disshows up.

Fix 3: Disable web browser add-ons

As you might know, the extensions in your web browser might not be compatible through the video, so you check out the error “No video with supported format and also MIME kind found”. You deserve to temporarily disable the extensions in your browser to situate the trouble.

1) Go to Add-ons in your internet browser, or you can form about:addons in the address bar then press Enter.


2) Click Extensions on the left, and also disable the add-ons you’ve installed.


3) Try playing the video aacquire to watch if the error has been solved.

If the error disshows up, then you have to have found and resolved the concern.

You deserve to try allowing one expansion in a time and view if the error happens again, so you can see which extension causes the trouble, and also uninstall the expansion.

Fix 4: Try one more browser

It’s most likely that your browser doesn’t assistance the video format, so you deserve to attempt a different web browser to play the video, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Tright here is an additional method to play the video: transform the video format to a common format that is supported by many kind of browsers, such as .MP4. But you’ll must use a third-party tool to transform your video initially.

That’s it. Hope this post helps in resolving your error “No video via sustained format and MIME form found”. You’re welpertained to leave a comment and also let us know which solution helps. If you have actually any type of inquiries, feel totally free to comment below and we’ll see what even more we deserve to execute.

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