No suitable graphics card found fix

Problem: No suitable graphics card discovered error occurs either as soon as playing a game or once trying to launch a games on Steam.

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Steam client unable to detect a graphics card for gameplay handling.


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Systems 1: Rebegin computer completely and percreate at least as soon as power cycle Systems 2: Deleting “config.dat” Systems 3: Changing Resolution and also utilizing borderless window Systems 4: Installing .NET and XNA Solution 5: Installing DirectX 3D 9 Equipment 6: Checking Graphics Drivers Solution 7: Upday graphics card driver then restart computer

Solution 1: Rebegin computer totally and also perdevelop at leastern when power cycle

Power Cycle intend totally shutting down the computer system and taking out the power cord attached to the mechanism. Let it be for ~10 minutes before turning it on aget.

Equipment 2: Deleting “config.dat”

Step 1: Go to Documents > My Games > Video Game Name.

Step 2: Delete config.dat file.

Tip 3: Rebegin your PC.

Equipment 3: Changing Resolution and using borderless window

Step 1: Right-click and pick Display Settings.

Step 2: Select a lower resolution other than the one currently set.

Step 3: Save alters and also exit. Relaunch your game.

Systems 4: Installing .NET and XNA

Step 1: Press Windows + E to launch the File Explorer.

Tip 2: Navigate to the adhering to address: C:Steamsteamappscommon(Game Name)\_CommonRedist

Step 3: Open the folders one by one and also manually install all the packeras.

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Step 4: Restart your computer system.

Systems 5: Installing DirectX 3D 9

Tip 1: Navigate link to download d3d9.dll. For 64-little architecture, downfill x86-64 For 32-little bit architecture, download x86-32

Tip 2: Copy the downloaded file and paste it to catalog listed below: C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/assembly/GAC_32/Microsoft.Xna.Frameoccupational.Graphics/v4.0_4.0.0.0__842cf8be1de50553

Tip 3: Relocation the file if currently present.

Step 4: Power cycle your computer system completely.

Equipment 6: Checking Graphics Drivers

Step 1: Boot computer right into Safe Mode.

Step 2: Press Windows + R, form devmgmt.msc in the dialogue box and also push Enter.

Tip 3: Navigate to gadget manager, situate NVIDIA hardware.

Tip 4: Right-click it and choose Uninstall device.

Tip 5: Rebegin your computer.

Step 6: Default motorists will certainly be set up versus the hardware. If not, right-click and also pick Shave the right to for hardware changes.

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Equipment 7: Update graphics card driver then restart computer

Downpack graphics card driver from manufacturer webwebsite, or from 3rd party market, such as NVIDIA and also AMD. Then install it in Windows.

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