No sound on kodi fire stick

This step-by-step guide will certainly show you How To Fix Kodi Sound Error in a couple of simple actions.

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If you are a regular Kodi user, you have more than likely skilled this trouble prior to. Kodi No Sound problems can happen through no warning and are exceptionally frustrating.

The solution to this trouble deserve to be one of many type of. Prior to following the guides below, I suggest reestablishing Kodi for a fresh begin. This will encertain it is running smoothly and also not bogged down.

Reset Kodi on Fire TV

Reset Kodi on Android TV Box


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How To Fix Kodi No Sound Error

Rebegin Kodi

One of the most basic techniques to regain the sound is to pressure Kodi to restart. This will certainly reboot the current configurations in your operating system and rerelocate existing relationships.

You have the right to perform this by force stopping the app as displayed below:

On Firestick and also Fire TV

Step 1 On the house display, click Settings.


Tip 2Click Applications.


Step 3 Click Manage Installed Applications.


Tip 4 Click Kodi.


Tip 5 Click Force stop.


Step 6 Launch Kodi again and play a document to inspect if the sound is functioning properly.

Exit command

Alternatively, you deserve to perform the following:

Step 1 Click the Power button.


Step 2Select Exit. This will automatically exit Kodi to the operating mechanism.


Check the volume on Kodi

In some instances, the volume might not have been turned ON effectively.

Step 1 On the house display, click Movies.


Tip 2Select the folder that includes any kind of video.


Tip 3 Play the video. If tright here is no sound, click the Settings icon at the reduced appropriate edge.


Tip 4 Under Settings, click Audio settings.


Step 5 Adsimply the volume by dragging the toggle switch on Volume to the ideal.


Step 6 Click the Close button.


Step 7 Play the video aacquire to inspect if the sound is functioning properly.

Enable Passthrough

Kodi decodes the audio stream from a resource then sends the audio to the channels and also speakers. You might activate the passwith on Kodi so that the audio is forwarded to the tool in “raw” format and is therefore not decoded.

This permits your TV to play the audio from the resource using its own speakers. An HD audio, for example, is sent out in digital develop so it have the right to be played “as is”.

Tip 1 On the residence screen, click Movies.


Tip 2Select the folder that contains any type of video.


Step 3 Play the video. If there is no sound, click the Settings symbol at the lower best corner.


Step 4 Under Settings, click Audio settings.


Step 5 Toggle the Allow passthrough switch to the ideal to allow it.

NOTE: For better viewing and listening experience, Kodi recommends allowed passthrough on TV (AC3), AVR SPDIF (AC3/DTS) and also on AVR HDMI (via or without HD audio).


Tip 6 Click the Close button.


Step 7 Play the video aobtain to inspect if the sound is working properly.

Configure Kodi audio settings

Tright here are settings in the Audio area of Kodi that can be configured in case you encounter a No Sound error. To go to the Audio area, follow the actions below:

Tip 1 On the Kodi home screen, click the Settings icon.

Step 2Click System.


Tip 3 Click Audio.


You will discover the standard audio settings of Kodi:


Audio output device– permits you to select which audio output to usage. The tool will certainly also recognize if some of the various other settings below deserve to be configured.

Number of channels– allows you to set the variety of channels sustained for digital audio link or the number of speakers for analog connection

Output configuration– allows you to configure the properties of the audio output by setting it as:

Fixed – set audio output according to shown sampling price and speaker establishing permanentlyBest Match – collection audio output according to the closest complement to the resource properties and also is very recommended on any type of equipment.Optimised – set audio output at the start of playearlier and also will remajor the exact same if the properties of the source change

Volume regulate steps– enables you to readjust the variety of button presses from mute to complete volume

Maintain original volume on downmix– allows you to balance surround networks by downmixing audio. When the sound on your Kodi is also low or tbelow is no sound at all, you deserve to allow this establishing to regain the volume of the original audio resource. However before, take note that the dynamic array (the difference in between the quietest and also the loudest volume of the audio source) will certainly be jeopardized.

Resample quality– enables you to resample the audio at miscellaneous rates (low, tool and high). Resampling or altering the sample rate (how quick samples are taken) in an audio file is important if you want to readjust it from the original source.

Keep audio device alive– permits you to collection the time for audio gadgets to wait, sleep or be in a suspended state when no sound is required

NOTE: Kodi recommends setting the time only for 1 minute.

Send low volume noise– permits you to set audio gadgets to stay awake by sfinishing an inaudible noise signal. This setting can be disabled as soon as making use of headphones or analog audio output devices.

The GUI Sounds section lets you regulate feedago and confirmation audio as soon as making use of the Kodi user interface. You have the right to uncover the complying with settings:

Play GUI sounds– enables you to connumber the sounds to play constantly, never or just when the playago is quit (default).

GUI sounds– permits you to select a sound design template.

Check hardware for any type of issues

While the Kodi No Sound error is often attributed to the system, tright here are instances wbelow the hardware being provided is faulty. Below are tips to make sure that your hardware is complimentary from worries.

Audio CablesCheck the audio cables for any kind of defect. It might have frayed ends or the wires are already wrapped approximately each other. You deserve to either swap an additional cable if no sound is coming or solve the damaged cable by soldering.

You may have actually supplied a wrong cable or plugged right into the wrong location. In these instances, refer to your device’s hand-operated for guidance.

In addition, make certain that your audio cable is much from sources of electromagnetic radiation such as computer monitors and also power gives to keep noise from interfering through the sound. If space is an worry, you may cross cables at 90 level angles or arselection them in parallel fashion to eliminate buzz.

Connecting portsConnecting ports are frequently exposed to dust and also dirt, which cause static noise, choppy audio and or also no sound. Use an air can to blow out lint and also dust other contaminants and usage a cotton swab to rerelocate staying contaminants.

Bluetooth audio connectionWhen Bluetooth devices interfere with other technologies’ signals, this will certainly mitigate its capacity to communicate. Make certain to keep distance from equipment that disrupt Bluetooth technology such as microwave ovens, external monitors and also fluorescent lighting. Brick walls and also metal desks have the right to additionally block signals.

If you’re still having actually worries, turn OFF other Bluetooth link except the one for your Kodi. This need to isolate the concern more properly.

Manage Sound Settings

Both Kodi and also your device’s volume settings can be adjusted to make certain that the sound is working.

On Windows/PC

Step 1 On your keyboard, press the F8 vital.

Step 2Press the “+” or ““ tricks to increase or decrease the volume, respectively.

On the tool (Windows sound option)

Step 1 Open Settings.

Tip 2Click System.

Tip 3 Play any type of video. If tright here is no sound, click the Settings symbol at the reduced ideal corner then click Sound.


Step 4 On the Choose your output device drop-dvery own menu, select the device.


Step 5 Under Device properties, adjust the volume.


Tip 6 Play the video again to inspect if the sound is working appropriately.

On the tool (Mac sound option)

Tip 1 Click the Apple icon > System Preferences….


As an different, you may click the Volume icon and then pick Sound Preferences…. Proceed to Step 3 after.

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Tip 2Click Sound.


Tip 3 Adjust the sound settings.


Step 4 Play the video aobtain to check if the sound is functioning correctly.

Switch audio channel

Your devices have specific configurations on their speakers. The the majority of famous layout is 5.1 channel, which is frequently supplied in streaming solutions, broadactors TV, DVD players and house theater systems. It delivers sound with 4 speakers plus a subwoofer for a superb full surround sound entertainment endure.

In some cases, Kodi might just deliver sound with the 5.1 channel. To switch to this channel, follow the steps below:

Step 1 On the Kodi home display screen, click the Settings icon.


Step 2Click System.


Tip 3 Click Audio.


Step 4 Click Number of channels.


Tip 5 Select the channel.


NOTE: Make certain that you have permitted audio passvia.

Step 6 Launch Kodi aget and play a paper to inspect if the sound is working correctly.

Check and also upday the add-on

When streaming via Kodi, the most necessary tool is the add-on you are utilizing. If you discover the audio is not functioning correctly within Kodi, initially inspect to make certain it is not a faulty add-on. has developed a list of the Best Kodi Add-Ons for your reference. This list is updated DAILY to ensure these are always functioning and accessible for installation.

You must additionally regularly update the add-on to make sure to check for bug fixes. You have the right to carry out this by complying with the measures below:

Step 1 On the Kodi residence screen, click the Settings symbol.

Step 2Click Add-ons.


Step 3 Click the add-on.


Tip 4 Click the Update icon.


Tip 5 Select the version.


Step 6 Wait for the upday to be completed.


Try Other Sources

Anvarious other crucial reminder as soon as trying to resolve the Kodi No Sound error is to try multiple sources. If you discover the resource you select is not playing any audio, attempt a couple of various other alternatives to make sure the streaming attach is not bring about the worry.

The initially and foremost point you need to perform is to test your audio with other software application or apps. Since tright here are situations where the audio won’t play while making use of another app or software program. If the audio plays well on various other software or apps, you deserve to continue to the following action.

Upday Kodi

Currently, the majority of add-ons that you can install on Kodi were emerged to be compatible with the latest Kodi variation. It is a lot of most likely that you will enrespond to concerns concerned sound if you haven’t updated Kodi yet. The latest variation, Kodi 18.2 Leia, is currently considered a stable variation. You deserve to learn more about this upday by clicking this attach.

In enhancement, I have actually created step-by-action guides on how to upday Kodi once utilizing miscellaneous gadgets. Click on a link below that uses to your device:

How to Upday Kodi on Firestick, Fire TV & Fire TV CubeUpday Kodi on Android TV BoxHow to Update Kodi on Windows

Reinstall or recollection Kodi

Like any software program enduring errors, one troubleshooting reminder is to reinstall the application or reset it. This may assist acquire away via the bugs that the formerly mounted version has actually.

I have actually additionally ready user guides on how to recollection Kodi:

How to Recollection Kodi on Fire TVRecollection Kodi on Android TV BoxHow to Reset/Rekeep Kodi on Windows

Update the audio driver

Sound issues on your tool have the right to likewise be led to by vehicle drivers in require of frequent updates. This will certainly encertain that the sound indevelopment is dispersed properly to audio devices. You have the right to perform this by complying with the actions below:

For Windows

Step 1 Click the Start button and kind “Device Manager”.


Tip 2Click the arrow prior to Sound, video and also game controllers.


Tip 3 Right-click on High Definition Audio Device then choose Properties.


Tip 4 Select the Driver tab then click the Update Driver… button.


Step 5 The device will certainly search online for software.


Tip 6 You will certainly be asked just how you would want to search for driver software application. Click Browse my computer for driver software.


Tip 7 Select Let me pick from a list of gadget chauffeurs on my computer.


Step 8 Click the compatible hardware design.


Tip 9 Click Next.

Tip 10 Click Yes. The driver update will certainly begin.


Tip 11 Once the update is completed, restart your computer and also inspect your audio.

For Mac

Step 1 Click the Apple icon.

Tip 2Select App Store…..


Tip 3 Click the UPDATE ALL button or choose which upday to make.


Step 4 Some updays will call for you to rebegin your tool.

Connumber Audio Settings of Your Device

The root reason may additionally be uncovered in the audio settings of your device. Check if the sound symbol is collection to mute.

For Windows, click the symbol to unmute the setting.


For Mac, toggle the Volume button to the appropriate to readjust the sound.


If the No Sound error still persists, try the following steps:

Step 1 Right-click on the volume symbol located at the bottom best edge of your display screen.

Tip 2Click Playback devices.

Step 3 Select your audio gadget.

Step 4 Click Set Default.

NOTE: Your gadget have to have actually a green inspect mark next to it.

Tip 5 Click Apply > OK.

Tip 6 Play a movie on your Kodi to examine if the sound concern has actually been solved.

Try various other audio formats

In some instances, an easy audio settings configuration won’t do the trick. You can choose to test different audio layouts to identify which is the the majority of compatible.

Step 1 Right-click the volume icon located at the bottom right edge of your screen.

Tip 2Click Playback gadgets.

Step 3 Select your audio device.

Step 4 Click Properties.

Step 5 Click the Advanced tab.


Step 6 Under the Default Format area, pick an audio price and click the Test switch. This need to play a sound. If it’s still unable to execute so, try a different audio format.

Tip 7 Once a sound is played, save the transforms you made.

Step 8 Play a movie on Kodi to examine if the sound issue has actually been fixed.

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That’s it!

If you have actually discovered one more means to resolve the “Kodi No Sound” Error, please let us know in the comment area listed below.