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I am constantnly obtaining the error message "tright here were no pages selected to print" with acrobat v9 on XP. Anyone understand exactly how to eliminate this problem - various other than a re-install?

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i downloaded the latest version of adobe and also lastly, can print the record..!! –user65897 Feb 3 "11 at 11:16
Stopping & restarting the Publish Spooler local home windows business is also a possible solution. Works for me on Windows7 x64.


I managed to obtain it to print by altering the printer configuration (a network-related printer). I changed to using a netjob-related name (quite than IP address) for the printer mapping and also it installed a printer driver for this "new" printer onto the local xp box - all then worked ok. Stvariety, as I have previously printed from acrobat fine utilizing the IP deal with mapping. So either changing to the network-related name or the reality that the printer driver was reinstalled, cured the trouble. BTW: I have actually additionally watched something comparable take place on a printer at work (aget on a system that had actually worked fine previously).

Same right here. I had to reathenticate to the netjob-related outside of Acrobat and then as soon as I went back to Acrobat I had the ability to sfinish the print job to the network printer properly.


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Foxit Viewer may also be of aid right here. It"s a lot lighter-weight (and via fewer protection issues) than Adobe Reader.


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How do I modify the printing margins borders of a PDF, in Adobe Acrobat Pro or Soda PDF Pro, in order to print the PDF?

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