No audio on facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger is just one of the a lot of popular Instant Messaging apps both on Android and also iOS. Arguably everyone who has actually a Facebook account offers Facebook Messenger to chat with friends and also family members bereason of some of its unique features like Chat Heads, Messenger Rooms, and also others.

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However before, one issue that damages user"s experience is thefacebook messenger no soundtrouble. Either you use the typical Messenger application or Messenger Lite, here"s a quick means to resolve the notice troubles on your phone.

Before we dive into how to deal with messenger no soundissueon your Facebook Messenger, ensure you have actually an energetic internet link on your phone. You should have the ability to send/obtain messeras if you have an active internet connection. Also, ensure DND mode is additionally turned off in settings. If all these are in inspect and you still can"t receive notifications on your Messenger application, move to other options listed below.


Check the app settings and also encertain notice is on.

Attacking this concern squarely, the initially point you must examine is if the Messenger notifications are turned on and also collection to make a sound. Sometimes, you could receive notifications however not make a sound if they"re set to silent. There are two means to check that. Check them listed below.

Via the Messenger settings.

Open the Messenger app.Tap on your ProfileTap Notifications & sounds Go via the sound settings and encertain to toggle on all essential options.

Via your gadget Setups.

Open your app drawer and locate the Messenger app.Long-push on the Messenger application and also then tap App information or Manage app.In the settings food selection, clickGo via the notification alternatives and encertain you revolve on all the relevant ones. Also, encertain they"re collection to make sound or Alerting so you will not miss any type of of your notifications.

Last, prior to you move on to other fixes listed below, if facebook messenger sound is not functioning from a certain chat, encertain you"re not muting them on the Messenger application. Here"s just how to examine that.

Open the Messenger app and situate the influenced chat/team.If the chat is muted, you would certainly see the "mute" icon close to it. If so, kindly long-push on the chat and tap Unmute notifications.

Turn off sleeping apps and also File Saver

On Android, tbelow are various means to control your sources. These include an option to put an application to sleep once you"re not utilizing it, and also an alternative to restrict background information accessibility. When these 2 attributes are triggered, they may additionally influence the correct usability of your Messenger application as soon as you"re not using it.

If messenger soundis stillnot workingafter complying with the procedures over, kindly revolve off Battery Saver,and also then disable Data Saver also. You deserve to discover these two options in the quick-setting panel, simply swipe dvery own the panel and also disable them.

Clear the application cache.

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As with eexceptionally other Android app, Facebook Messenger stores some data temporarily, typically known as cache, which provides the app run efficiently and also use fewer resources. Even though this cache is useful for the application to run smoothly, it deserve to periodically make the application malfeature if it"s too a lot or the cache is corrupted. In this instance, you could need to clear the cache information for your Messenger app to fix thefacebook messenger notice issue. Here"s how to perform that.

Open your app drawer and situate the Messenger application.Long push on it and also tap App info or Manage app.In the app"s settings, tap on Storage & CacheNow tap on Clear cache, and also then Clear storage also. (You must log in your account details again).

Downpack the latest application.

If you"re running an outdated variation of an app, tright here are opportunities that it has actually bugs, or it"s gaining too old for your operating device. In the visibility of such things, your Facebook Messenger notificationsmay not work-related effectively. In this instance, updating the app could aid resolve it. Ssuggest check for any kind of easily accessible update for the Messenger app by means of Google Play Store and also install it.

Uninstall and also reinstall the application.

If clearing the cache and storage data does not fix thefacebook messenger no soundproblem, try re-installing the Messenger application. Here"s how to execute that.

Open the Google Play Store on your phone.Search for the Messenger application.Tap Uninstall to delete the app.Now tap Install to re-install the Messenger application.

Factory reset.

If none of the over fixes works for you, the ultimate solution to try is resetting your phone. Though, this will erase all your apps, papers, photos, and so on,yet can help settle such a instance. Before proceeding to manufacturing facility recollection your phone, ensure you have a reputable backup, then proceed to the following measures to reset your phone.

Open your tool Settings.Scroll down and selectOpen Recollection choices.Tap on Erase all data (factory reset).Confirm your password, then let the reset procedure start.

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Please note that it would certainly take even more time to finish booting, encertain not to interrupt the process. You deserve to then safely reclaim your backup, install Messenger, and also proceed enjoying it.