Newer version of utorrent is already running

I have been having actually this same trouble. The only distinction is my computer additionally will not allow me to uninstall from Programs and also Features. I would really appreciate an answer considering that I cannot downfill any type of torrental fees presently. All this taken place after I deleted an extremely huge torrent in progress of downloading.

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I have actually the very same specific problem! And my computer system will not allow me to uninstall from programs; tells me just the Administrator can carry out it!


I have actually no concept what caused it. My only solution (short-lived) is to reboot and also a message comes up about the more recent regimen and I click "NO". This functions for a little while then when I try to downpack somepoint, the message starts up aacquire.



I am having this very same trouble.

"A newer variation of, 7.9.3 construct 40299 is already set up. Would yo favor to downgrade to 7.9.2 develop 38657?

I am leary of answering Yes to such a repursuit. Is it really from or a scam?

I have knowledgeable this on a couple of papers recently, I execute not understand if it happens for all.

I did go to and also fill the the majority of current variation and still have the exact same messge.

I will certainly go earlier and also watch if I deserve to obtain the older variation directly there.

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What"s going on is that the associations you have for torrents is pointing at the wrong place.

Run the current version of and also recollection the associations to allude at the new variation.

Thank you, Harold.

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In various other words , as soon as the message comes up, we must click "NO" and also Then What?


Thanks in development for youe response.

What"s going on is that the associations you have for torleas is pointing at the wrong place.

Run the present version of and also recollection the associations to suggest at the new version.

A Newer Version Of Is Alall set Running. Please, Shut Down Bitorrent And Try Again

Please define on just how to Run the current version of and reset the associations to suggest at the new variation.

I"ve controlled to solve this issue this way: I"ve ran through governmental privileges and also then I clicked on YES in order to downgrade to previous variation. After that I went to Help-> Check for updays and upgraded to newest version. Since then it functions perfectly fine. I guess wasn"t able to change a document or something because of perobjectives, in order to update the version.

I did that and also got the error message popup : " Bit Torrent fairesulted in upday. Please try aacquire. " Then once I did, this message: " Pro install in development. Updates will certainly be obtainable soon." Then "Downloading the Pro Package failed. Connection closed by peer."

Additionally I can"t uninstall Bit Torrent (and also then reinstall), as I get this message: "You carry out not have actually adequate accessibility to uninstall Bit Torrent. Please call your mechanism administrator. " Well, I am the sys admin on my very own COMPUTER ! Other programs install and uninstall.

Is this Microsoft messing through our torrent software program ? Or is BT crap ?


I discovered a method about this. When the message comes up click ok. Then go to, to Data then Add Torrent. Then browse and also pick your torrent from your downloads folder. Hope this helps. 

I identified just how to deal with this appropriately. press control+alt+delete and also then click on job manger. after that uncover little torrent in task manger and also click it. then click the "finish task" switch and this will certainly permit you to run little torrent aacquire.

I might have discovered a long-term fix for this problem.

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Ssuggest go to program file (it"s ""). Tbelow, you"ll uncover a "updates" folder. Open it and you"ll watch 2 or more .exe papers with different version numbers. The file names will certainly be something prefer "7.9.6_XXXXX" (these last numbers = variation number). Delete the documents through lower version numbers and leave the one through the greater number, which is the many recent version. 

It worked for me, yet even if it doesn"t settle your difficulty, the threat of damaging the app by doing this is minimal because those are older versions anymethod.