New spanned volume greyed out

When you right click an unalsituated space to develop a new partition, but find the brand-new basic volume greyed out in Windows 10/8/7 Disk Management, what have to you do?



/ Last Updated February 22, 2019

The Scenario

"I have actually 3 TB difficult drive, and I installed it on my Windows 7 computer. Tright here arefour parts on my difficult drive, the mechanism booked partition, mechanism partition and twounallocated space, and also I desire to use the unallocated room to produce some newpartition to keep different files. However before, when I ideal click the last unallocatedarea, it showed gray prefer the adhering to picture displayed (the first unalloacatedspace is valuable)."


It was also negative that the New Simple Volume, New Spanned Volume, New Stripped Volume,New Mirrored Volume, New RAID-5 Volume greyed out so that you cannot produce newpartition with this unalsituated space.

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Another user said that his 3 TB disk just used 2 TB like the adhering to display screen shot,and he tried to usage the New Simple Volume to create a brand-new partition to use it.However, he uncovered the choice greyed out.


With those kind of problem, exactly how can you make a complete use of your disk?

Why "New Simple Volume" grayed out?

As the scenario said, the initially unallocated room is in normal state, while thealternatives in the second unalsituated area is grayed out. Why? Most of customers may knowthat Windows operating device supports both MBR and GPT disk, and the two disk typeshave actually their very own qualities to effect on their performance.

MBR, the abbreviation of Master Boot Record, which just supports the capacity up to 2TB, and also you deserve to just develop as much as 4 main partitions, once you want to create morepartitions for various papers, you need to transform one major partition toextfinished partition.

GPT, the short of GUID Partition Table, breaks out the limitation of MBR. It supportsmore than 2 TB capacity and you deserve to create 128 partitions on GPT disk.

Considering of the difficulties in scenario, the difficulty is clear that your difficult drive isMBR that can only usage up to 2 TB. That’s why the New Simple Volume greyed out beyond2 TB in Windows Disk Management.

How to settle New Simple Volume greyed out?

To deal with the New Simple Volume greyed out, you need to readjust the MBR into GPT disk sothat the part past 2 TB deserve to be easily accessible. And below offers you two different waysto transform MBR to GPT disk.

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Method 1. With integrated Disk Management

Disk Management is the build in disk manager of Windows mechanism. Right-click ThisPC -> Manage -> Disk Management,then, right-click the 3TB difficult drive and pick “Convert to GPTDisk”, then follow the guidance to complete this convariation.


However before, once you desire to usage it to transform disk from MBR to GPT if there are somedocuments on the 3TB difficult drive, you have to delete all the information on the disk. BecauseDisk Management can only convert an empty MBR into GPT. Otherwise, you’ll discover WindowsConvert to GPT greyed out.


Method 2. With AOMEI Partition Assistant

AOMEI Partition Assistant is a powerfuldisk manager. You deserve to usage it to manage your disk for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.What’s the many essential point is it deserve to convert MBR to GPTwithout shedding data.

First, you require install and also launch AOMEI PartitionAssistant Pro, you will certainly view the primary situation of your tough drive. To convertMBR to GPT, you deserve to right-click the disk no matter tbelow are partitions on it ornot, select “Convert to GPT Disk”, you don’t require issue around thedata bereason it can convert MBR to GPT and also vice versa without losing data.


Then, it will pop out a home window that you have the right to encertain whether you’dchoose to convert it. Click OK.


After that, the 3TB difficult drive will be in the GPT statement, butdon’t forobtain clicking “Apply” at the tool bar. Then, it will transform MBR disk to GPTdisk.

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After converting the MBR disk to GPT disk, you deserve to make a full usage of your 3 TB difficult drive. The New Simple Volume of Disk Management would not be grayed out, so you canuse it to develop brand-new partition or extend the partition prior to. You have the right to also usage theAOMEI Partition Assistant to develop partition, merge unallocatedspace, and so on.