Network logon service was not started windows 7

We"ve recently had actually a catastrophic rassist faientice on our servers, which were being backed up via shadow protect. After 3 days of copying I finally acquired our file server ago in a VM. As we provided a "virtualboot" for the file server in the meantime, I efficiently had 2 duplicates of the server on the netoccupational at when.

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In order to copy back the documents that changed, I tried to rename the file server, and also change its IP resolve (I should additionally cite, the file server is a backup DC). When I renamed it, it came up with an error, so I rebooted. Now I can not login, it claims "an effort was made to logon, however the netoccupational logon business was not started"

I don"t treatment if I need to recreate the Vm and reinstall windows, yet I would certainly prefer to be able to gain the files off this VM. How have the right to I acquire access to it?


Boot to Directory Services Rekeep Setting to log in to a DC with a non-doprimary account; press F8 during boot as shortly as Windows starts to pack.

The password for the Administrator user in this mode was collection in the time of the initial promotion of the domain controller, but if you"ve forgained it, it have the right to be reset via typical password recollection tools for local accounts.

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Once you"re in, you can solve whatever"s needed to gain the solutions began - my money"s on networking and also name resolution configuration.


Go to the workstation through the difficulty, login through the via a regional account:Right click on computer system, Click on ManageGo to Services and ApplicationsClick on ServicesGo to NetLogon business and start the serviceLog off and Login through the netoccupational account



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