Net view the service is not started

I have actually been making use of my home network-related to share records between devices in my household via no problem, yet newly I had to re-install my Windows 10, after that, no devices display under Netoccupational in Data Explorer. Sure I have the right to ping the tools and also I deserve to access them through their ip prefer \ but I can not get a list.

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net check out /all returns:

Home network System error 6118 has actually emerged.The list of servers for this workgroup is not presently easily accessible.What seems to be the problem?


If you really require network-related discovery, you can enable the (safer) WS-Discoextremely protocol instead, as per the Microsoft Support short article.

Start the "Function Discoexceptionally Provider Host" and also "Function Discoexceptionally Reresource Publication" solutions, and then set them to Automatic (Delayed Start). When you open up Explorer Network-related, permit netoccupational exploration as soon as you are triggered.

This requirements to be done on all Windows computer systems.

This can not help with net view (?), however should at least permit looking in Windows Explorer (File Explorer).

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I searched approximately and also it appears prefer a service requirements to be allowed called "Computer Browser"

I couldn"t find this business in Task Manager -> Services.

Neither in Win+R -> solutions.msc.

I retained browsing and also this 6118 error sounds pretty common yet the answer didn"t help me since I knew firewall was not the worry. But it discussed SMB so I searched around and also uncovered this:

Make sure SMB 1.0/CIFS Data Sharing Support is set up as a windows feature. Source

Seems prefer later on versions of Windows 10 have this attribute disabled by default. So I allowed it and restarted the computer and also currently network devices display up and net check out /all returns the computer names properly.

WARNING: SMB 1.0 is insecure and you need to permit it as a last rekind (See Bob"s answer), Ransomwares commonly spread via this protocol as stated by
djsmiley2k and

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Error 6118 and also Net View difficulty - SOLVED At LAST

My solution involved no altering of P.C. settings, but will just be pertinent if you have actually one or even more WiFi Range Extenders in your mechanism.

I have several network wired P.C."s. They all started to have this problem. Using a Command also Prompt home window, entering Net View / ALL created the error, but entering Net View with an individual computer name or IP attend to functioned.

Selecting NETWORK in Explorer led to the majority of connected gadgets not mirroring under "Computers", although they did show under "Media Devices" and also "Storage".

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The contents might be accessed in various other means, however the difficulty really aggravated me.

I researched the matter for weeks, and tried dozens of available solutions, all without result. Many rprogressed about transforming P.C. settings, but I quickly realised that given that the problem was global to all connected computer systems, my solution lay somewright here in one or other associated devices.

Making certain DHCP was only allowed in one Rexternal, and also rebooting them did not deal with the problem. I then realised I had other Netfunctioned items I had actually not taken into consideration.

I have 3 TP-LINK Range Extenders (RE305) in my device, which work-related very well. More research study indicated they may have actually DHCP choices, however try as I may I might not access them.

So I removed all 3 from the mechanism. Went to the P.C., and all my tools had showed up again making use of Net View and Explorer.

I was concerned that I would certainly not have the ability to usage the Extenders, yet determined to proceed gradually. I plugged in the first, then the second also, no Netoccupational difficulties. All gadgets mirroring on P.C.

I plugged in the last Range Extender, and Error 6118 was ago. The solution wregarding just Setup the device aget. I provided all the exact same settings. Network-related gadgets mirroring and also accessible on all my P.C."s aobtain.

So there we are. I would certainly still revolve of DHCP on all but one Router if tright here are several, yet in this instance the culprit was certainly a WiFi Range Extender.

QUICK UPDATEYesterday the 6118 difficulty was earlier, all P.C"s on the Network. I uncovered I can not log on to one of the Range Extenders. Unplugged it (powered down) and also plugged it back again. Re-booted Computers and also all Netoccupational Devices mirroring aacquire. I can likewise log on to it. I did nopoint else.

The netoperated devices may not all show up immediately, and can take as much as 10 minutes for every one of them to gain "registered".

Nat an early stage all the options tend to point to things that should be done to an individual P.C.. Sometimes that might be the cure, HOWEVER if you uncover that even more than one P.C. on your device establishes the problem, carry out not be instantly tempted to adjust the Computer"s settings.

See more: Fix " Slmgr Is Not Recognized As An Internal Or External Command ?

This anomaly through my selection extender is a pretty excellent indication that the 6118 error is being resulted in by some various other unit on the LAN. Investigate those initially.