Negotiation with the vpn server failed

Today 2 individuals were coming over saying they can"t attach with their Mac to the Cisco VPN.

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The error they are getting is

"The negotiation via the VPN serverfailed. Verify the server resolve and try reconnecting."

 Anyone could assist me number out what occurred here?

Thanks in advance


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Check this:

This is a really vague error, however the basic major of an error favor that is it cannot call the remote deal with. Are you able to ping it from their systems? Has it worked before? Have you made any type of network changes? Do you have actually whitelistings for external access? How is the VPN controlled?

Please incorporate some details so we can better assist. :)

dbeato, I do not want to mess approximately via scripts prior to I recognize the trouble...

No ping, no access. nothing. it"s simply out of the network.

Yesterday in the morning they were still making use of it, however at night they were not able to attach to it anymore.

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No netoccupational transforms were made (according to my knowledge) and they were all working till yesterday.

Are you able to ping the very same deal with in the same network they"re in? Does it job-related for you and/or anybody else?

They are both on various netfunctions.

One at house.

what perform you mean if I might ping it from within the same network?

In trying to recognize where a network-related faitempt is, you have to put yourself in the position of the user. So if one of my users cannot connect somewhere, I try the exact same point on my machine or someone elses; it helps narrowhead down where the trouble is. If I deserve to attach and the user cant, its many likely a computer system problem. If I and the user both cannot connect, no ping, and so on., then either the remote site is down or somepoint on our netjob-related is preventing the connection.

I believe that it just affects the "Cisco" individuals making use of "Apple", we just have 2 individuals functioning that method, and also the "Apple" customers making use of a various VPN client, or the "Cisco" customers utilizing "Windows" are not enduring any type of problems. -according to my understanding.

We dont have much customers with Mac, however it seems that none of them can connect, not via Cisco nor thru various other clients we are using.

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The two Cisco individuals were connecting successfully till Tuesday noon/evening

The user making use of the various other client is not connecting generally yet I asked her to try connecting and also it failed...

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